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Two young Mountain Fest princesses can't wait for July

Lilly Potter, Sarah Rutledge carry on Sandy Mountain Fest traditions

Preparations are picking up for the 2015 Sandy Mountain Festival. The youngest members of the festival’s Five Generation Court — Fourth Princess Lilly Potter and Third Princess Sarah Rutledge — look forward to seeing what the festival looks like behind the scenes.

Here is a look at the ambitious young women of this year’s court:

Lilly Potter

Oregon Trail Academy fourth-grade student Lilly Potter, 10, is an animal lover. Her favorite class in school is science, because it gives her the chance to learn about sharks, her favorite animal.

“I like how they swim,” she says, “and they never blink.”

She has two pets, Snickers the cat and Cupcake the guinea pig, and another on the way. She is excited that her family will soon be welcoming a new puppy to their home.POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Lilly Potter spends time in her backyard with Cupcake the guinea pig. The animal enthusiast loves spending time with her family and caring for her pets.

On Lilly’s most recent birthday, when she got Cupcake, she asked her friends to bring pet food and toys to be donated to the humane society.

But she is not just a friend to animals. Lilly has also made 200 blessing bags that she and her family pass out to homeless people they see in the community.

When not hanging out with her three brothers, her parents or her pets, Lilly enjoys spending time outside and being active.

She takes ballet, hip hop, tap and lyrical dance lessons at Inspire Dance Center. She spends time riding her dirt bike and has been involved in other team sports. Lilly recently made the varsity team for Sandy Youth Cheer.

“I think it ties into dance really well,” says Lilly’s mother, Laura Potter. “I think it’s another outlet for her.”POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Lilly, 10, was nominated and voted Fourth Princess on the 2015 Five Generation Court.

For the past two years, Lilly has volunteered at the info booth for the Sandy Mountain Festival.

She looks forward to attending all the Sandy Mountain Festival events with the rest of the Five Generation Court. She even got permission to bring Cupcake to the pet show.

“I’m just ready for the Mountain Festival to start,” she says. “Sandy is full of kind people. I’m excited to encourage others to always be kind and make Sandy better.”

Sarah Rutledge

A first-year student at Mt. Hood Community College, Rutledge, 20, grew up in Sandy — even joking that she’s lived in the same house all her life.

A young woman with a background in FFA involvement, Rutledge is working toward an associate’s degree in political science. After that, she hopes to attend a four-year college to earn her bachelor’s degree in agriculture. POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Sarah Rutledge, 20, was nominated and voted Third Princess on the 2015 Five Generation Court.

Her ultimate goal is to advocate for farmers on Capitol Hill.

“All the farmers are doing the work in the field and don’t have anyone talking for them,” she says.

This fall, she will work with the National FFA as a conference facilitator.

In her spare time, Rutledge is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys backpacking and hiking. When not outside, she also likes to spend time sewing and painting.

Up until last year, when she took a year off to work with FFA, she hadn’t missed a single Sandy Mountain Festival.

“It’s always really good how involved the community gets,” Rutledge says. “Everyone is part of the Mountain Festival.”

Rutledge says she always saw the princesses of the Five Generation Court as women who are invested in Sandy. She hopes her time on the court will inspire other young girls to get involved in the community.

“It’s a cool opportunity for them to know that if you love your community, this is a cool way to be a part of it,” she notes.

As she lives just up the hill from Meinig Park, Rutledge says her favorite part of the Sandy Mountain Fest is walking down to it with her family and spending the day exploring. This year, she’s looking forward to attending all the events with her fellow Five Generation Court members.