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Boring might go international

Small community in Scotland wants to 'twin' with Boring

Members of the Boring Community Planning Organization have been waiting for their June 5 meeting for a long time.

The candidates' speeches have come and gone; the primary election is history; and there are many issues to discuss and decide, according to CPO Chairman Steve Bates.

But the one decision that has held people's interest for so long is whether the group should attach itself to a community in Scotland as what the Scots are calling a 'twin' community.

That will be decided next Tuesday.

Dull and Boring

Bates' logo states that Boring, Ore., and Dull, Scotland, should be 'a pair for the ages.'

The word 'ages' definitely applies here, because the first family with the Boring name to homestead in this vicinity (near Ritchie Road) came in the 1850s. The next Boring family person to homestead nearby, and build the Boring School, arrived in the 1870s. So the roots of the community were placed around 150 years ago.

By contrast, Dull - a community with fewer than 90 people - goes back at least 5,000 years, with artifacts in nearby cemeteries and around the area dating to at least 3,000 B.C.

Certainly it is a good omen that the folks who live in Dull are in favor of the connection to Boring.

'The Dull and Weem Community Council met last week,' Marjorie Keddie of Dull said in an April 24 letter to The Post, 'and all were enthusiastic about a connection between Dull and Boring.'

Whether the CPO decides next Tuesday night to declare the two 'twins' or 'a pair for the ages' is left to the vote, but no one can remember anyone speaking against it in the past several months.

To check on the vote, visit the sandypost.com website Wednesday morning, June 6, or thereafter and look for the details in the June 13 issue of the Sandy Post.

Other important issues

Other topics proposed for discussion and decision at the June 5 meeting include law enforcement committee, neighborhood captain program, reconstruction of the Boring CPO website, community (senior) center project, fundraising programs and the expense of having a booth at the Boring Celebration in September.

A nominating committee is to be appointed to find CPO candidates for vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and an at-large board member.

Committee reports on ongoing and future activities will be given, and there will be ample time for local residents to speak on topics of interest to those in attendance.

The two-hour meeting begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 5, and is scheduled in the main Boring Fire Station, alongside Highway 212 in downtown Boring.

For more information, call 503-663-6271.