Ludow leading in the race to be chairperson of the Board of Commissioners

JOHN LUDLOWBallot results are close to being final in the race for the coveted seat as chairperson of the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners.

The latest count of votes has 73,517 voters or 52.3 percent preferring John Ludlow as the chairman, while 67,177 voters or 47.7 percent have placed their mark beside Charlotte Lehan’s name.

More reports of additional ballots counted will be reported when received from the county, and the numbers will be updated on the Post’s website (

There is little the two candidates have in common besides the fact they both have been mayor of the city of Wilsonville and are or have been small business owners.

Ludlow appears to have isolationist viewpoints as shown by his desire to separate Clackamas County from the effects of the growth and development of the greater Portland area as well as the influence of Metro regional government.

He is a cheerleader for the cause of preventing the development of light-rail transportation systems as well as allowing residents of the county to vote on any project that requires spending large sums of county revenue.

“I will support and honor our citizens’ right to vote,” he said, “and to direct how their community develops.”

Lehan likes to collaborate with other area governments to promote the economic growth of the entire region.

She and her fellow commissioners were able to assist with the cost of light rail in the Milwaukie area, which caused an uproar from the Ludlow camp and his financial supporters.

But Lehan is unmoved, saying that government can survive diverse opinions.

“Our best work occurs most often,” she said, “when we bring a diversity of opinions forward.”

According to the candidates’ statements, Ludlow is the candidate of change, and Lehan is the candidate of growth and job creation.

But it is the voters who will decide.

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