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Rep. Mark Johnson, R-Hood River, has been re-elected to represent House District 52, the sprawling district that stretches from East Multnomah County to Hood River County.

Results released at 9 a.m. today, Nov. 8, showed Johnson victorious with nearly 52 percent of the vote, ahead of challenger Peter Nordbye with 48 percent.

Nordbye has called Johnson to concede the race.

"I called Mark Johnson and congratulated him for winning the campaign," Nordbye said. "I told him I appreciated the way both campaigns were conducted, focusing primarily on the issues. I wished Mark the best in the upcoming legislative session."

While Johnson, a Republican, retains his seat in the House, his role in the wake of the election has become somewhat cloudy.

Before the election, the House was equally divided between Republicans and Democrats, leading to a cordial atmosphere of cooperation.

But Democrats reassumed control of the House in Tuesday's election, leaving questions over committee appointments.

• Clackamas County: Nordbye 5,763, Johnson 6,653

• Hood River County: Nordbye 4,721, Johnson 4,228

• Multnomah County: Nordbye 2,494, Johnson 3,080

Interestingly, Nordbye won in Hood River County, Johnson's home county. And Johnson won in Clackamas County, Nordbye's home turf.

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