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Traffic changes direction at Plaza


Transit center traffic direction change on Hoffman and Revenue avenues

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: DAVID SNIDER - THE NEW RESTROOM AT THE TRANSIT CENTER IS DROPPED INTO PLACE AFTER BEING CONSTRUCTED OF POURED CONCRETE AND HAULED TO SANDY.The direction of traffic flow will soon reverse itself on two streets in Sandy. Hoffman Avenue will become one-way-only in the northbound direction (from Pioneer to Proctor), said Transit manager Julie Stephens.

This change will facilitate passenger boarding at the new transit center in Centennial Plaza.

Hoffman Avenue will include three single-lane widths: one to accommodate bus loading, one for northbound passenger vehicles to pass through and one for parallel parking.

Beyond the bus-loading zone, there is a passenger loading area for drop-off and pick-up of passengers in private vehicles.

Also changing direction is Revenue Avenue, parallel to Hoffman and just west of the Arco gas station.

Traffic will move in a southbound direction on Revenue, Stephens said, in order to maintain good traffic movement.

The city of Sandy has completed the new transit center, which will become the eastern terminus for Sandy Transit, SAM and Mountain Express beginning Jan. 7, 2013. Stephens said all other transit routes and schedules will remain unchanged.

When the new transit center opens, several bus stops will be eliminated, including: City Hall, Wolf Drive and Pioneer Boulevard, Langensand Road and Highway 26, Langensand Road and McCormick Drive, the Post Office, and the intersection of Revenue and Meinig Avenues on Proctor Boulevard.

Stephens said the local dial-a-ride service, STAR, is available to serve these areas.

For more information about the new transit center or traffic changes, contact Stephens at 503-489-0925 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..