It doesnt matter if the keys arent in the ignition when you first speak to an officer

A Sandy woman wasn’t completely truthful when questioned by an officer, and she later paid the price for what appeared to be an attempt at deception.

A Sandy officer first noticed the woman as he drove by a convenience store parking lot in the 38200 block of Pioneer Boulevard. He saw a woman with blond hair sitting in the car and revving the engine.

It was nearly midnight Friday, Dec. 21, and the woman continually revved her engine to make loud noises from a muffler that wasn’t muffling well.

Because of the late hour, the officer wrote in his report, he decided to circle around and ask her to refrain from the noise. By the time he arrived back in the parking lot, the woman had repositioned the car and was still revving the engine.

When the officer approached the car, the woman — later identified as Krysta L. Harris, 25 — had turned the engine off and placed the keys under her leg on the seat.

“I asked her why she was revving the engine,” the officer wrote in his report, “and she said it was to signal her friend to hurry up. She said her friend was inside the store buying beer.”

The officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Harris and inside the car, so he asked how much she had to drink.

“Two beers,” the officer reported she told him. “It doesn't matter, I didn't drive here.”

When asked how her car got there, Harris just looked at the officer, who told her he had seen her in the car, and saw that it had been facing south, and that she'd then moved it to face east.

“Yeah,” she told him, “but the keys weren't in the ignition when you started talking to me.”

The officer reported that her speech was slurred and her eyes were bloodshot and watery. Harris said she didn’t have a driver’s license, but she just wanted beer.

When her companion returned to the car, the officer learned that she also didn’t have a license and appeared intoxicated.

Harris volunteered to take the field sobriety tests, and failed nearly all of the tests. She took a breath test at the Sandy Police Department and showed a blood-alcohol content above the legal limit.

She was arrested and given a criminal citation into Clackamas County Circuit Court for driving while intoxicated and a citation for driving without a license.

Her car was impounded and, since it was an early-morning hour, Harris was given a courtesy ride to her home.

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