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Its always better the SECOND TIME AROUND


Art exhibit precedes a free preview performance at the Sandy Actors Theatre

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: ROD STROH - This oil painting by Becky Hawley, president of the Wyeast Artisans Guild, takes viewers on an imaginary hot-air balloon ride for an elevated view of Crown Point and the historic Vista House. An exhibit of artworks by guild members will open at 6:45 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 7, at the Sandy Actors Theatre just before the preview showing of the SAT play The Last Romance.Often, the second time around is better than the first, and members of the Wy’east Artisans Guild are ready to prove that thought as fact.

This group of creative artists will open an exhibit of their work called “Second Chances,” with an artist reception, when the Sandy Actors Theatre company is ready to stage a full-length preview performance of its next play, “The Last Romance” by Joe DiPietro.

That event will begin at 6:45 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 7, in the lobby of the theater behind Ace Hardware at 39181 Pioneer Blvd.

The exhibit includes art made from recycled, used or factory-second materials; redesigned or renewed art; and artwork that depicts a second chance in the mind of the artist.

In this story, the example is an oil painting by Becky Hawley showing Crown Point and the historic Vista House.

It was Hawley’s second time to paint a place such as this — so dear to her heart and easy on the eyes.

“I love Vista House and the layered effect of hills stretching out along the river,” she said. “So I’ve used my artistic license to take a few liberties with reality.

“The relative scale has been changed to emphasize a mental image of the scene, more of an expression of my feelings rather than a frozen moment in time as from a photograph.”

In this case, Hawley really believes the second time around is the best time because of the way she was able to sail away in her mind on air currents that carried her hot-air balloon above the treetops and created this mind’s-eye view.

“The colors are peaceful,” she said, “and the whitecaps carry me up the river into the distance, past Beacon Rock and into the misty evening.”

During a short presentation at 7 p.m., artists will be on hand to talk about the thought processes involved in the creation of their artwork as well as their materials and methods. Hawley invites local residents to view the paintings, fiber-arts, photography, blown-glass and sculpture. All will come together, she said, to create a diverse and interesting collection.

After seeing the art exhibit, join the crowd in the theater. No reservations are needed for this performance. Hawley says “The Last Romance” is a love story designed to “warm the cockles of your heart and tickle your funny-bone.”

In the story, Ralph, who is in his 80s, rediscovers love and life in a comedy Valentine filled with music and warmth.