He gives police a story they can't believe, and says he was bored the day of the theft

A Sandy man is accused of stealing a new bicycle from an 11-year-old boy. The incident happened the afternoon of March 22, after the boy parked his bike and went inside the Sandy Public Library.

The suspect also is charged with criminal mischief because within a short time after taking the bike, he started to paint parts of it black, allegedly to change its appearance.

Alan M. Eastman, 33, of Sandy was arrested in the 17100 block of Revenue Avenue under suspicion of theft and criminal mischief. He was lodged in the Clackamas County Jail.

He was not identified until later in the evening after police had located the bicycle and some people had told police who they believed was responsible for its theft.

The final part of the investigation was showing a photo of the suspect to the boy (victim) who had seen him take the bike. The boy positively identified Eastman, according to the police report.

The bicycle was a BMX-style bike that the boy’s father had just purchased a few days earlier for approximately $465, the police report stated.

Before giving police a description of the suspect, the boy told police he saw the man walking in circles in front of the library and “fidgeting” a lot before taking the bike.

The boy and a witness were shown several people as possible suspects, but they all said none of those was the person seen taking the bike. One of those people, however, became an informant, providing the name of the person who had brought the bicycle to a home on Revenue Avenue, where an officer retrieved the bike.

The investigating officer then retrieved a photo of the person identified as the suspect (Eastman) and showed it to the boy, who positively identified him from that photo.

Later that evening, the officer returned to the home on Revenue Avenue and located Eastman. He was questioned about what police were calling a theft. Eastman is reported to have admitted taking the bike, but not as a theft. Eastman said he thought the bike belonged to a friend of his who owed him some money. The police report stated that Eastman said he had taken the bike as “collateral for the debt.”

The man who owed Eastman $100 was inside the library at the time Eastman is accused of taking the bike.

Police reported that Eastman said he didn’t want to go in the library and confront the man who owed him some money. To the question of why he had painted part of the bike with black paint, Eastman is alleged to have said he was “bored.”

Eastman was taken to the Clackamas County Jail, where he was booked for theft and criminal mischief and lodged in the jail, awaiting a court appearance.

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