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It is not time to quit your job


Learn how to create good relationships at your workplace

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Lea McLeod will help employees improve their relationships with their bosses at a Sandy chamber event April 25.The 75 percent of employees who report they aren’t satisfied with their relationship with their boss should read this article.

Also, these people (who might have said they hate their job) should bring a brown bag lunch at noon Thursday, April 25, and take it to the offices of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce.

At the chamber, they’ll find Lea McLeod, who calls herself a job therapist. Essentially, she helps people turn a relationship with a boss into something that returns a smile to their faces.

McLeod intends to teach those gathered at the chamber what they can say to their manager to instantly change the course of any conversation.

“Lea McLeod is a powerful speaker in Portland who is an expert on helping people recreate their working relationships,” said Madeleine Eno, chamber board president.

It is likely that any employee who looks forward to Friday beginning on Tuesday or Wednesday (God forbid on Mondays) is the person McLeod can help.

McLeod’s assistance, she says, is “prescriptive,” which means she takes on specific problems and helps clients reach specific solutions.

“I ask, ‘what is the problem we have to solve? Now let’s figure out a way to solve it.’ So what I do is more prescriptive than what coaches do. It’s not analysis; it’s action oriented.”

McLeod says she gives job therapy, but she not a therapist; she counsels her clients, but she’s not a counselor; and she coaches her clients, but she’s not a typical coach.

“I teach my clients how to take action,” she said, “and build skills so they never have to deal with this again. It would be better to call my work tutoring.”

McLeod has a master’s degree in organizational development, with experience as an employee and as a director-level manager of a large international corporation.

“Organization development is about helping all the functions of an organization work optimally and effectively,” McLeod said. “A big part of that is self-leadership and being effective in communication.”

McLeod will pack the lunch hour with ideas on how to get motivated to take charge of relationships within one’s career, and especially with one’s boss.

She’s calling the class “Bossonomics 101” and intends to offer 10 ways to repair, restore and redirect an employee’s relationship with a manager.

But McLeod says bosses also can benefit from attending this class.

For more information, call 503-668-4006 or visit LeaMcLeod.com.