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Chief says agreement will help relieve budget pressure

The Sandy City Council debated the idea of Sandy taking over law enforcement in the city of Estacada for more than an hour Monday night.

By the time they were finished talking, they had pretty much decided the change was OK, even though there is a little more exposure to risk.

But City Attorney David Doughman said that risk would be expected by adding more officers or more contact with the public.

Sandy Police Chief Kim Yamashita said Estacada has an average of 120 calls a month, which is miniscule compared to Sandy. She said Sandy has 120 arrests per month and many more calls.

Yamashita described how she planned to go through the transition to covering two cities by hiring one new officer.

Estacada, she said, would receive 10 hours of patrol officer time each day, but not the same clock hours each day. In the short term, the deficit that causes in Sandy would be backfilled by hiring a new officer and with officers on what she called a relief shift as well as patrol time from the sergeants and the chief. In the long term, the city likely would be able to hire an additional officer.

Sandy would receive the same coverage as it has now, she assured the council, but added one caveat.

“There might be some impacts,” she said. “I can never say that you will never have an impact to Sandy, ever, while we cover Estacada. But that could be said for the county, as well, or any other agency in police work or fire.”

City Manager Scott Lazenby said the city was very close to submitting a draft agreement to the council for its consideration.

Financially, the city of Sandy will charge Estacada not only for the salary and benefits of the officers covering its law enforcement, but also for a portion of the costs of the chief, sergeants, records manager, evidence technician, front office and a detective.

Admitting the city’s budget is the tightest it has been in many years, Yamashita said taking on Estacada relieves some of that budget pressure.

Once the two city attorneys OK the draft agreement, it will be brought to the council for review and approval.

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