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Its not only Dull and Boring, its also Bland


Another disrespected community wants to get on the (yawn) band wagon

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO ILLUSTRATION - People who live in Australia in an area known as Bland Shire would like to get some more respect by joining in with what Boring residents and the people of Dull, Scotland have been able to accomplish.The government of Bland Shire in New South Wales, Australia is apparently jealous of the notoriety being enjoyed by the unincorporated areas of Boring, Oregon and Dull, Scotland.

Bland wants some of the spotlight because it has been the butt of too many jokes over the years.

But Boring and Dull also have been laughed at and have borne the brunt of many a chuckle.

So an official of the Bland government sent an email to Clackamas County, asking to be paired with the communities of Boring and Dull.

Boring Community Planning Organization Chairman Steve Bates was contacted, and he said he would bring the formal proposal to a CPO meeting. The request was scheduled to be discussed at its meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 4, in the Boring Fire Station.

Bates said he probably would ask for authorization to appoint a committee to study the situation and recommend options to the group.

But Bates said he is not in favor of making it a threesome. If anything, he would favor a separate pairing with Bland — in the same way that Boring paired with Dull.

But that choice is a decision left to the entire CPO, Bates said.

Boring and Bland share one thing besides the communities’ unexciting (yawn) names. They were each named after a family that has lived in the area for a long time.

Current Boring resident Bob Boring says the community was founded when Joe Boring — half-brother to Bob Boring’s great grandfather — came to the area in 1856 and homesteaded 160 acres. The rest of the family followed, and eventually the school (on Boring’s land) was named Boring School.

The Anglo-Saxon Boring family goes back to at least the early 1600s in England.

Current Bland resident Bob Bland is a member of the Bland Shire Council, which governs about a half-dozen cities in the Shire.

Bland is a descendent of Dr. William Bland, who was sent to Australia in 1814 as a convict. He was involved in many ventures over the years of his life down under, until his death in 1868. The Shire of Bland was named in his memory.