Windermere staff and families clean the downtown core for festival visitors

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: CARL EXNER - Part of a group of Windermere employees and their family members are pictured just as they are ready to spread out along the boulevards and cross streets to help make the city look good for Mountain Festival visitors.The Sandy Windermere Real Estate office conducts a community service project each year, said real estate broker Carl Exner.

This year, the choice was made to clean everything visible from both Pioneer and Proctor boulevards and their cross streets between Langensand Road on the east and Ruben Lane on the west.

In previous years, the people associated with Sandy Windermere have cleaned the Jonsrud Viewpoint, Veterans Memorial and Centennial Plaza.

“We did this (recently) because it’s prior to Mountain Festival, and that’s what that weekend (of work) was about,” Exner said. “We tried to make the city look as presentable as possible.

The work crew last weekend included 16 people associated with the real estate office.

In addition, the real estate brokers do their fair share of supporting children who are on the edge — homeless and those from families with low income.

For those kids, the agents set aside 7 percent of their commissions to buy clothing, blankets, coats and to donate to other organizations that support children in the same way.

“It builds up and it’s a pretty good sum (of money) at the end of the year,” Exner said, “and we’re always looking for different places to contribute - places that assist children or families in need.”

For more information or to offer ideas for those in need of support, call Exner at the Windermere office at 503-783-0411.

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