Sandy Mountain Festival Queen Patricia Schmautz felt a bit like a resort manager on the Fourth of July. All her grandkids were over, and they were oscillating between splashing around in the pool, eating pizza and playing video POST PHOTO: NEIL ZAWICKI - Patricia Schmautz has always loved the Sandy Mountain Festival, and now she gets to be the queen. But shes doing her own makeup.

She and her late husband Cliff, a former National Hockey League player, moved to their 10 acres on Compton Road in Boring 36 years ago.

“We had cows, we had chickens, we had horses, and four boys,” she said.

The retired school district secretary has fun in her new role, and was happy to take on one more as festival queen, even though she has no idea who nominated her.

“I do not know who it is,” she said. “And I asked and they said, ‘you don’t need to know.’”

When she learned she was nominated, her reflex was surprise.

“I went, really? I mean I’m old!” she said. “And they said it’s a commitment, but I said, well, I don’t have much going on these days.”

Of course, Schmautz is a big fan of the festival.

“I’ve just enjoyed it every year,” she said. “I think it’s a great community feature. You’ve gotta go and get involved and take a look at the stage shows, and just walk around and take it in, get some donuts over at Joe’s Donuts and all that.”

Between grandkid-resort management and her duties as Festival Queen, Schmautz makes time to make hats to give away to the homeless and to the Kiwanis Club. In fact, she’s made more than 100 of the knit hats.

“It’s something I can do to pass the time, and a lot of the homeless can get cold, so the hats will keep their heads warm,” she said.

And then there’s the matter of her dress. She got hers at Macy’s.

“It was a little more than I wanted to spend,” she said, “but I thought, ‘hey, it’s one time, and I can wear it to somebody’s wedding some time.’”

Schmautz also laughs at the notion of having another person do her makeup, something her granddaughter, Madison, a princess in the court, offered to do for her.

“She wanted to do my makeup, but I said, no thanks, I’m fine, this is the way I look,” she said.

“People say ‘who did your hair, and I say, ‘I did.’” And I don’t mind smiling, and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? As long as you’re smiling.”

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