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Video nabs thief


Investigation involving several officers finally gets a break, and a thief must face a judge

Recent thefts from large businesses in Sandy provide good examples of how far store employees and police will go to exact justice and hopefully stop future thefts.

In this case, a 20-something man with a shaved head was seen in a store with a female companion. The two were walking around the store placing items in a brown paper bag bearing the store’s name.

The employee who noticed the thefts followed the pair until they separated and headed toward separate exit doors. The employee followed the man, who was carrying the paper bag, containing what the employee believed to be food and alcoholic beverages.

When the man bypassed the checkout register, the employee yelled at the man, “Hey, are you going to pay for those items in the bag?”

The man, later identified as Steven S. Farrar, 26, Sandy, responded by quickening his pace to the parking lot, where he stopped at one vehicle, whose driver he obviously knew. At that point, Farrar noticed several store employees outside looking at him, according to the police account.

He immediately left the parking lot on foot and was followed by a store employee who was not on duty at that time. Farrar was followed as far as Bridge No. 4 on the Tickle Creek Trail.

While on the trail, he apparently ate some of the food he had stolen, leaving the wrapper on the ground beside the trail, police said.

An officer looking for evidence later during the investigation found the wrapper and checked its date, time and the store’s name. Tossing that trash by the trail added another charge to Farrar’s citations.

Police received a description of Farrar and his girlfriend, the license number of the vehicle in the parking lot and a copy of the video. However, the responding officer did not recognize Farrar.

Later, police went to a Revenue Avenue residence to arrest two people with warrants, While there, they noticed two other men, and one looked exactly like the person in the store’s surveillance video.

Unfortunately for the officers, those men ran away, including Farrar, whom one of the officers recognized.

During their investigation, the officers contacted someone who was able to identify at least one of the two suspects as Farrar. A request was sent to the rest of the officers on duty to look for Farrar.

Later in the evening, another officer located him and brought him to the police station for questioning.

Farrar was apologetic after admitting he was involved in the theft in question. He also admitted being involved in another theft at another large store in Sandy after the officer told him he was seen wearing the exact same clothing (on store video) during both thefts.

Farrar was cited and released for two counts of theft and offensive littering. He also was given court dates and excluded from both businesses where the thefts took place.