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Teenage girl raped; police seeking suspect

Sandy police are asking for the public's help in locating a man who allegedly raped a teenage girl in a Sandy park
by: contributed graphic by MICHELLE CHASE Based on a conversation with the victim, this is a composite sketch of the alleged rapist, who called himself Howard.

Sandy police officers are looking for a suspect in the reported first-degree rape of a 14-year-old girl, which allegedly occurred in April 2010.

Detective Jason Bickle is asking for help in identifying this rape suspect, and Forensic artist Michelle Chase has produced a drawing of the suspect based on a conversation with the victim.

The girl reporting this alleged crime is not being identified, Bickle said, 'because of her age.'

The delay in reporting this alleged crime, Bickle told the Post, is because the girl (now age 16) felt the incident was her fault.

'Ultimately, she reported it to her boyfriend,' Bickle said, 'who reported it to her mom, who reported it to us (nearly two years after the incident).'

She told police the alleged rapist was a white male, mid-20s, dark hair, dark eyes, 5-feet-10 in height and approximately 190 pounds.

'The (girl) said he smelled heavily of body odor and dirt,' Bickle stated in a press release Thursday morning. 'He had approximately 3-4 days growth of facial hair.'

The girl also told police he had a 'deep and angry voice.' The night of the incident the alleged rapist was wearing jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt.

Initially, the suspect introduced himself to the girl as 'Howard.'

The incident took place in in a local public park at approximately 2 a.m., but Bickle said he cannot disclose the name of the park because of the ongoing investigation.

'At this time,' Bickle said, 'this is the only description we have of the suspect, and I cannot release further information.'

Anyone who has information regarding the identity of the suspect should call the Sandy Police Department's tip line at 503-489-2195.