After a burglary, the men run away from a tracking dog and remain at-large near Sandy
by: contributed graphic by CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT These sketches by a forensic artist show the approximate appearance of the car’s driver, left, and the passenger. Anyone who might be able to identify either person should call 503-723-4949.

A Sandy area homeowner resorted to shooting his gun as alleged burglars were attempting to escape in their car at a home in the 43700 block of Wildcat Mountain Drive at about 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28.

The homeowner was aiming at the tires to disable the vehicle. According to Clackamas County Sheriff's Sergeant James Rhodes, the driver's heavy foot on the accelerator caused the car to become stuck in the dirt driveway, and the vehicle's four occupants abandoned the car and ran away.

The burglar(s) had already taken five guns from the home, then left and later returned supposedly to retrieve more items, which had been staged to be picked up on the return trip, Rhodes said.

Stolen during the burglars' first trip were two shotguns, two rifles and a revolver, according to Rhodes.

'The homeowner called us and said, 'I just got home, and my house is ransacked. Looks like I'm the victim of a burglary. Guns have been taken, and I need the police to come out here.' ' Rhodes summarized the 9-1-1 call.

Just about that time, a red car with four people in it entered the man's driveway. Assuming they were the burglars returning to haul away more loot, the man grabbed his gun and confronted the quartet.

That's when the driver panicked and got the car stuck in the driveway trying to escape the irritated and threatening homeowner.

Shortly, all four realized they weren't going anywhere in the car, so they quickly left the car and ran away.

Soon the deputies arrived and sent a tracking dog out to find the errant 20-somethings.

Near Shorty's Corner, deputies arrested for burglary Danielle Smith-Swanson, 25, and Nina Erickson, 20, both of Portland. Both were jailed, but have since bailed out of custody. The two women are not cooperating in the sheriff's investigation.

The two men are still at-large, but the sheriff's investigation has yielded lots of information about the men, Rhodes said, and deputies are now closing in on their identity and location.

'Through the DNA evidence and fingerprints left at the scene,' Rhodes said, 'we're pretty confident we're going to figure out who these guys are.'

While deputies are willing to accept help in the form of information, they are also concerned about the public's safety.

'(The two men at-large) have five guns,' Rhodes said, 'and they should be considered dangerous. We're concerned about catching them, but I don't want anybody confronting them.'

Anyone with information related to this case should call the sheriff's Tip Line at 503-723-4949 and refer to Case No. 12-6501.

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