June 2014 Quilt Show is the last for quilting club

Sandy’s Quilting and Fiber Arts Club is putting on its last annual quilt show. However, its members hope that others will step up to take on the responsibility.

The 2014 Sandy Quilt Show, a fundraiser for the Sandy Historical Society, will take place Thursday-Saturday, June 26-28.

This is the show’s 16th year since its start in 1998. The show was founded by Janet Mills Bacon, Lorraine Martin and Virginia Meinig, who took over the show after Mills Bacon.

Over the years, the show has brought in more than $100,000 to the Sandy Historical Museum’s funding. The show attracts a number of volunteers. In addition to the 30 women of the Quilting and Fiber Arts Club, usually 30-45 other volunteers turn out to help.

Despite the show’s success, the club has decided this will be the last year it takes on the event. The club members’ reasoning is that they have an aging membership and have had trouble finding an appropriate and affordable venue.

“We’d love to see somebody come along and say they can take it on next year,” said Shirley Crow, chairwoman of the quilt show.

With more than 1,000 guests at last year’s show, the organizers of the quilt show consider it on par with some of the top shows in the country.

More than 130 quilts, from quilters in the Sandy, Estacada, Welches, Boring and Gresham communities, have been entered for judging this year.

As a way of showing how the art of quilting has changed over the years, this year’s quilt show will feature 14 of the best of show quilts from the past 15 years.

“My favorite part of the show is being able to walk through the rows of quilts before it opens to the public and soak in the creative and colorful efforts of the people in our community,” Crow said.

LaDonna Castle, of the Quilting and Fiber Arts Club, said the quilts in the show have gradually changed over the years from bed quilts to art and wall quilts.

Milwaukee Memories’

One of the quilts featured in the 14 best of show quilts is “Milwaukee Memories,” by Bonnie Lippincott Gallagher, a nationally known quilter who resides in Sandy.

The purple and green blanket is an intricate pattern of diamonds, triangles, and flourished stitching.

Made in 2002, the quilt was featured in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine in 2003. It toured a year with the winners of the “Great Lakes, Great Quilts Contest,” and was selected as a best in show winner for Sandy’s quilt show after its return in 2004.

“As with all of my quilts, my designs reflect my love of family,” Lippincott Gallagher said. “What I remember about Milwaukee (Wisconsin) is the magic of my first snowfall and stars so wonderful it seemed you could reach right up and touch them.”

According to Lippincott Gallagher, the quilt is made entirely of reproduction fabrics from 1840 to 1890.

She comes from a long line of quilters who have made their mark on the artistic industry.

“I’m a lucky lade to have inherited my love of and gift for quilting from my mother and grandmothers, all of whom I absolutely adore,” she said.

Quilt turningby: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Another Lippincott Gallagher quilt will be featured during the shows quilt turning.

In addition to featuring the best in show quilts, the 2014 Sandy Quilt Show will present its tradition of quilt turning, which it has done for the past six years.

Quilt turnings are done at shows around the country as a way of telling the stories behind the fabric works of art. The quilts are stacked on a bed, each being turned back as the stories are told: why it was made and who it was made for.

Crow said that the first year the quilt turning was done, listeners had tears on their cheeks — it was that emotional. “People were coming back the second year still remembering the stories from the first one,” she said.

The quilt turning event will include 12-14 quilts, and Crow said it usually takes about 30-45 minutes.

The quilt turning will be shown at 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday and at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

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