Council passes fraud plan unanimously

The city of Sandy has introduced a new fraud policy. The plan is meant to implement a system to deal with fraud issues should they ever come up.

At the City Council meeting Monday, June 16, Finance Director Lisa Young introduced the proposed fraud policy. After a short explanation, councilors unanimously adopted the resolution to establish the policy.

The policy was recommended as a best practice by the Government Finance Officers Association and the city’s external municipal auditor.

Young said the policy is not in response to any issues with fraud within the city, but instead is meant as a proactive plan. In addition, she said the policy, which has been on her to do list since she was hired, is necessary to inform staff of the definitions of fraud.

“You’d think issues of fraud would be a no brainer, but they’re not,” Young said.

Mayor Bill King agreed that an explanation of fraud is needed within the city.

“Common sense isn’t as common as it used to be,” he said.

In addition to defining fraud, the policy supplies grounds for a Fraud Hotline, which King said is important for employees to feel like they can report instances of fraud without fear.

Young said the hotline will work similar to the one in place for the Sandy Police Department, taking recorded messages and converting them to emails that will then be sent to the correct person.

The policy also outlines a required training session for all city employees.

The one-hour training is an online webinar, “Introduction to Workplace Ethics,” that can either be watched at the employee’s desk or in a group at a staff meeting.

Young said the city also is thinking of requiring the training for city volunteers as well.

Trainings will begin some time in July, Young said.

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