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Phone survey to gauge public opinion on pool


Idea of a recreation campus will be brought up in survey

The next big step to deciding the future of the Sandy Pool is headed your way in July.

The Oregon Trail School District, city of Sandy and Friends of Sandy Pool have collaborated on putting together a phone survey that will be conducted by Moore Information, an outside contractor, in July.

The survey is meant to gauge the public’s thoughts on continued operations of the pool.by: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Maverick Aquatics conduct childrens swimming lessons at the Sandy Pool.

Superintendent Aaron Bayer said the school district has a vested interest in the pool, despite the School Board announcing in October 2013 it was pulling district support.

Board presence on the city’s pool task force has influenced the talking points of the survey.

In addition to asking about use and knowledge of the pool, the survey will assess interest in the idea of a recreation campus.

In trying to decided what the pool’s future held, the city and the district entered into negotiations concerning the land that the pool is on and the Cedar Ridge Middle School campus next to it.

In April, the City Council authorized City Manager Seth Atkinson to move forward with an appraisal of the Cedar Ridge property.

The appraisal is being conducted now, and the city has received no results yet. Atkinson said they hoped to hear by the end of June or around the time that the survey is conducted. by: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - For the first early morning swim lessons of the summer, parents did not intend so many kids to show up, but the pool was packed.

“This is a unique transfer of property and situations like this do not occur very often,” Atkinson said. “This makes it difficult to find comparable transactions.”

“It’s not every day that a city sets out to buy a school or a district sells a building,” Bayer said.

Bayer said the unique situation is being looked at because it presents mutual benefit to both the city and the school district and that it makes perfect sense. Since there are other options for students of Cedar Ridge, Bayer and Atkinson agreed the chunk of land in the heart of downtown seems like a great option for community use.

“We saw the mutual benefit of making something like this possible,” Bayer said.

“If we didn’t see that,” said Atkinson. “We wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

The survey calls will be made to people within the city limits. Atkinson said it should take about 10 minutes to answer the nearly 25-question survey.

The company reported it should be completed in about a week, depending on how long it takes to reach the sample size of 200 people.

“It should definitely be a reasonable survey,” Atkinson said.