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Bruce asks Thomsen to return $25,000 in campaign funding


Senate candidate for District 26 works to battle insurance companies

Oregon State Senate candidate and Sandy resident Robert Bruce has challenged Senator Chuck Thomsen to return campaign money donated by insurance companies in order to better serve constituents.

Bruce, 51, is the democratic candidate for Oregon Senate District 26. He began working as a citizen advocate in Salem about four years ago.

“I couldn’t believe the amount of power the insurance lobby has in Oregon,” Bruce said. “Insurance companies are taking money because they can. Families are struggling enough as it is.”

Bruce said that as he got more involved in insurance legislation, he began noticing Thomsen was fighting efforts to reign in insurance companies.

When looking into public records, Bruce found that Thomsen has taken thousands of dollars from the insurance industry.

In 2013, Thomsen voted against Senate Bill 414, one Bruce said was meant to hold insurance companies accountable for dealing with families and small businesses fairly.

“Chuck Thomsen’s voting record demonstrates that he’s not standing up for everyday working Oregonians,” said Nancy Allan, a Sandy resident. “Our community expects our legislators to stand up for our priorities - not big insurance companies.”

“The voters in our district deserve leaders who will stand with them, not politicians who bow to pressure from big banks and insurance companies,” Bruce said.

Bruce’s challenge to Thomsen asks him to return $25,000 in campaign contributions to the insurance companies that supplied them.

“I hope that he would return the money,” Bruce said.

But he said his real goal is to get the word out to Oregon and the people in District 26.

“I don’t understand why insurance companies can have privileges that no other businesses can,” he said. “Why are they special?”

To sign the petition challenging Senator Thomsen, visit www.brucefororegon.com.

The Oregon State General Election is scheduled for Nov. 4, 2014.