Clare volunteers in three community positions

This year’s Sandy Mountain Festival Queen’s Court includes a princess with a stake in several community organizations and a passion for education.

Barb Clare, 53, holds this year’s position as first princess for the Sandy Mountain Festival.

“It’s kind of exciting,” she said. “It’s the big thing for Sandy.”

Clare said she has volunteered for the Mountain Fest in the past at the information booth, and has attended in the past with her husband and kids.

Clare and her husband have lived in Sandy since 1990, when she transferred from Denver, for her career.

She has worked in financial and investment services for 30 years. Up until one year ago, Clare worked as a financial advisor for Edward Jones in Portland. She now works in the financial services department for Clackamas County Bank.

After so many years at one job, Clare decided it would be fun to learn something new.

“It’s been a year and I’ve learned so much,” she said. “I foresee me not being bored for lots and lots of years.”

Clare said she has always loved helping and educating people and that she has really enjoyed being with Clackamas County Bank. “They are just awesome to work for,” she said.

She added that being only five minutes from work is also a plus.

But her job at the bank is not the only place she uses her passion for education. Clare has been a part of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce’s Career Education Committee for seven years.

As a member of the committee, Clare helps plan the chamber’s Principal for a Day and Thrive at 25 events.

In addition, Clare has also been involved with Sandy Kiwanis for seven years. “They’re all about helping people in Sandy,” she said. “There’s a lot that they do to help the people living here. It’s a great town.”

But her education skills aren’t the only ones she’s putting to work in the community. Clare was on the Oregon Trail Budget Committee in the past, and this last year, she began working on the Sandy Fire District Budget Committee.

“I’ve been really impressed with how they’ve drilled down the budget,” Clare said. “My hat’s off to Sandy Fire; it’s pretty amazing what they do for our community.”

In her spare time, Clare likes to take a break from all her commitments and relax at home with her husband Bill and their four-legged roommates.

Annie and Chaos are Cane Corsos, or Italian mastiffs, and they get a lot of attention from Clare.

She said her husband researched what kind of dog to get for close to two years and loved the traits of the large breed.

“Everything about them is phenomenal,” Clare said. The couple have spent a lot of time training them, and according to Bill, in his experience, they have been the easiest dogs to train.

Clare also loves to read and swim.

She said she has really enjoyed serving on the court and meeting the others that serve alongside her. “We seem to have a camaraderie there,” she said.

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