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Sandy's observance of Earth Day came and went pretty much as expected - this year without the rain - said event coordinator and Community Services Director Nancy Enabnit.

The numbers of participants and sphere of influence both increased this year. The 105 people who worked for about four hours Saturday morning cleaned the city and its parks as well as the Cherryville Historic Cemetery.

Company's coming this summer, and the city of Sandy is ready.

During Saturday's event, 4 tons of paper was shredded, and a ton of rubbish was collected and hauled away.

Many families considered it an honor to work to improve their hometown's environment - families such as such as Mayor Bill King, Carl Billups, six police officers and their family members, Public Works Director Mike Walker, City Councilor Olga Gerberg, Jerry New of New's Towing and uncounted others.

When they arrived at the Community Center, volunteers were greeted with sign-up lists for the various areas around town as well as free water, garden seeds from SOLVE, coupons for potting soil, conservation and Earth Day information, city park maps, note pads, doughnuts, coffee and hot chocolate.

Also there was a table for water conservation, manned by Public Works Director Mike Walker, who gave rain collector barrels and methods of measuring soil moisture to qualified residents.

Enabnit was very satisfied with the turnout and quality of work given to the community.

'I think every site we identified had some people there to work,' she said. 'And some (of our workers) came back to do multiple sites.'

Nearly a dozen people tackled the 2-mile-long Tickle Creek Trail, which winds its way through a wooded part of the city alongside the creek.

Their job, supervised by Kathleen Walker, was to sweep the bridges, wash the trail signs, rake debris off the trail, pick up trash, cut back ivy along the sides of the trail and clear the drainages.

Other cleanup activities took place along city streets, in parks and other public places, including the huge Sandy River Park.

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