Surviving downfall of video rental stores, Sandy's franchise changes location

Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: LAURA KNUDSON  - After changing locations over the weekend, Sandy Blockbuster remains one of the few left in the country.

Nowadays video rental stores are a rare sight to see.

So rare, that a few weeks ago a photo appeared on showing a “coming soon” sign for Blockbuster that was captioned “The single most shocking thing I have seen.”

The store in question is none other than Sandy’s Blockbuster, which relocated to a different storefront two spaces down in the same building.

The fact that a Blockbuster is still in business generates surprise, made evident by the 101,200 re-blogs and likes the picture received.

“Blockbuster was a large corporation,” said Andy Anderson, co-owner of the Sandy Blockbuster alongside his wife, Linda. “We’ve enjoyed the brand and we’re glad we’ve got that brand awareness despite its recent negativity in closing stores.”

Blockbuster had 4,000 stores nationwide during its peak around 2004 before a steady decline forced the company to declare bankruptcy in 2010. Dish Network bought the brand the same year and eventually closed all remaining stores in 2013. Some 50 franchise stores are all that is left of the once dominant video rental store.

Having not surrendered to Netflix and Redbox, Sandy Blockbuster has remained open for eight years.

“Prior to that, we converted from Star Video which had been in Sandy since the mid ‘80s,” Anderson said. “So it’s been part of the community for well over 25 years and the community continues to embrace that.”

The Sandy Blockbuster downsized over the weekend, relocating to what used to be the Sandy Meat Market after a national tenant wanted its space.

Anderson doesn’t anticipate the move will have an effect on business.

“Certainly the square footage will be less,” he said, “but our selection will stay the same, the service will be the same and the product will be the same.”

Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: LAURA KNUDSON  - A worker begins to remove the Sandy Blockbuster sign that will be hung two shops over.

He added, they have been consistently buying products and customers are satisfied with the variety and depth in the store.

Ultimately, Anderson said the supportive, small town aspect of Sandy is what has helped the business stay afloat.

“We hope people will follow us two doors down,” he said. “We’re still available for the community to enjoy.”

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