Andrew Schaffer of Sandy has turned his childhood ambition into his adult reality by operating his own film studio in Southeast Portland.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: FIRWOOD STUDIOS - The Jaguar Motor Company and Portland-based Firwood Studios utilized many local sites, including Liepold Farms Berry Stand, Wescotts Auto Restyling and even line producer, Andrew Schaffers old Sandy home in the making of the car companys new commercial. At the age of 10, Andrew Schaffer was sitting in his house in Sandy filming comedic videos advertising fictional products such as underpants that filtered farts, and parodying TV talk shows.

Now at 28, the Sandy High graduate not only operates his own film studio in Southeast Portland, but was recently contracted by Jaguar Motor Company to produce a commercial.

The commercial, which was scheduled to come out on Boring and Dull Day, Aug. 9, comprises scenes from two days of filming in Dull, Scotland, and two days in Boring, Ore., an idea dreamed up by someone from Jaguar's office in the United Kingdom after they learned of the villages' pairing as sister communities.

"The vision was to take the towns of Dull and Boring and spice them up a bit with our Jaguar F-Type," said Brady Fain, social media lead for Jaguar Land Rover, North America, LLC, and the community of Boring was very receptive.

"We wanted to have a couple of shots where people were doing a lot of 'boring' tasks or more everyday (things) and they stop to look at the car," Fain explained. "(And) It was great. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: FIRWOOD STUDIOS - Andrew Schaffer is a 2007 Sandy High graduate and owns his own film studio now in Southeast Portland.The people were super friendly and willing to help anyway they could. We can't say enough about the town and enough of the people."

"We got some great characters," Schaffer added.

For two days, the crew raced its shiny new 2018 F-Type around Boring, and even through some parts of Sandy and Damascus, stopping by local institutions like Liepold Farms Berry Stand, Wescott's Auto Restyling and even outside Schaffer's old Sandy home.

The international motor company found Schaffer by referral from another studio, not knowing that they'd found not only a videographer, but the perfect guide for their Oregon expedition.

"They were looking for someone in Portland, (but) they didn't know I was from the (Boring) area, so it solidified their decision," Schaffer explained. "It was really cool. I spent 15 years out there through my childhood. To be able to go back — I was immediately comfortable."

Schaffer graduated from Sandy High in 2007, going on to gain a degree in video production from Mount Hood Community College in 2015. Shortly after college, Schaffer's career as a producer took off with an internship in Oregon City then the opening of Firwood, his own home-based studio in Portland.

With the start of Firwood Studios, named for the area near Sandy where Schaffer grew, he hoped to fill a niche: supplying companies with affordable, high quality advertisements.

"I get to make a creative product that also helps local businesses," he explained.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: FIRWOOD STUDIOS - The latest Jaguar commercial will feature the pairing of Boring, Ore., and Dull, Scotland. Jaguar is one of the largest clients Schaffer's ever worked with, and the company's choice of location allowed Schaffer to revisit old stomping grounds.

Schaffer's roots also helped comfort the people he consulted out in the Sandy area, as they appreciated that he was from there.

"It helped a lot I think when I told people I was from there," he added. "It was definitely very nostalgic and it was nice to find places I knew about and had been, and know it would be represented in a good light."

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: FIRWOOD STUDIOS - Schaffer runs his studio out of his garage in southeast Portland. With the filming and editing now done, Schaffer looks forward to a few new local projects, including a trip to a trampoline park, and is happy to have had the experience with Jaguar.

"Every project has it's challenges," he said. "For a client as big as Jaguar, there's not a lot of wiggle room. It all came together — it always does."

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