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Crossing guards join mix of volunteer parade positions

The Sandy Mountain Festival Parade faces an unprecedented need for volunteers as it approaches the 2015 event, scheduled for 7 p.m. July 9 on Pioneer Boulevard.

In response to a request by the Sandy Police Department for improved safety of pedestrians and motorists alike, the festival is searching for volunteers who will serve as crossing guards at every uncontrolled intersection along Proctor Boulevard, beginning one hour before the parade.

“The Sandy Mountain Festival understands the need to make the event as safe as possible for participants and spectators alike,” said Steve Brown, parade director. “The request for crossing guards means we'll need even more people to volunteer their services before and during the parade.”

The Sandy Police Department will monitor the Bluff Road and Ten Eyck Road intersections with Highway 26. But that leaves the stretch of Proctor Boulevard through downtown unattended during the build up to the parade.

When Sandy Police close Pioneer Boulevard at 6:30 p.m., they will detour eastbound traffic onto Proctor Boulevard, creating a bottleneck with one lane in each direction.

At the same time, spectators who live or park north of downtown begin flooding across Proctor Boulevard en route to their seats to view the parade.

The combination of congested motor-vehicle traffic on Proctor Boulevard and the surge of pedestrians creates a significant safety hazard.

To minimize the risk, the Mountain Festival is recruiting volunteers to be stationed at Beers, Scales, Bruns, Strauss, Smith, Hoffman and Revenue avenues, all of which intersect with Proctor at uncontrolled intersections.

“We'll ask our crossing guards to hold pedestrians back from crossing until 25 or more people have gathered,” Brown said. “Then we'll usher larger groups of people safely across by stopping traffic. The use of crossing guards should stop the uncontrolled flow of pedestrian traffic and lead to fewer conflicts with motorists."

To volunteer, call Brown at 503-890-6160, or send an email to mtnfestparade@gmail.com.

Volunteers also are needed to cruise the parade route to keep an eye out for safety issues.


• The parade application for participants is available online at sandymountainfestival.org. You also can pick up a copy of the application at Sandy City Hall.

• The parade theme is "Back to The Future." Fans of the Michael J, Fox films will remember the lead character, Marty McFly, used his Delorean car/time machine to travel from 1985 to 2015.

• Because of the "Back to The Future" theme, the parade has designated the entire Sandy High School graduating class of 1985 as this year's grand marshal. If you are a member of that class and would like to ride or walk at the front of the parade, contact Parade Director Steve Brown at mtnfestparade@gmail.com.