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City Council to consider marijuana ordinance, first steps in extending urban renewal

Public asked for comment at April 6 council meeting

Sandy’s City Council has a full plate for Monday’s regular meeting – as do local residents.

In addition to its plans to consider Ordinance 2015-02, which puts safety land use regulation of medical marijuana facilities in place should the city’s ban fail, and to discuss an Urban Renewal Plan Amendment, through the Urban Renewal Agency, City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, April 6, concerning the annexation of two plots of unincorporated property.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, April 6, in council chambers at Sandy City Hall, 39250 Pioneer Blvd.

Ordinance 2015-02

The ordinance has been under discussion by the council for several meetings. Ordinance 2015-02 would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries through conditional-use permits to C-2 commercial zones and I-2 industrial zones excluding a 1,000 foot buffer around K-12 public schools, preschools and commercial day cares.

Throughout the consideration process, the council deleted the 1,000 foot buffer regulation around parks, added clarification that if a dispensary is already in place, a school, preschool or daycare could not move to within 1,000 feet of it, and added that notices for application will be sent to property owners within 1,000 feet of a proposed dispensary rather than 300 feet.

After the Monday, March 16, meeting, at which City Councilors listened to public testimony on the ordinance, Mayor Bill King closed the public hearing but left the record open to continue receiving comment for an additional four days.

According to the staff report written by City Planning Director Tracy Brown, the city received testimony from an additional twelve individuals before the deadline.

City staff recommends that the council take additional testimony and then adopt the ordinance as proposed.

Urban Renewal Board

City Staff will present about revenue sharing in extending the Sandy’s urban renewal debt limit to the Urban Renewal Board, made up of city council members, a representative of the fire district and a representative of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce.

Revenue sharing would lengthen the timeframe for urban renewal by an estimated eight years.

Sandy’s current Urban Renewal Plan was adopted in December 1998 and has been amended once to increase the maximum indebtedness to $18 million.

The amendment that the city is currently proposing would increase it to approximately $64.650 million.

According to a staff report, regardless of whether the board decides to go with revenue sharing or non-revenue sharing, the city’s consultant projects that it would be able to fund a proposed aquatic center on the Cedar Ridge Middle School property during the fiscal year of 2020-21.


Monday’s meeting will see the opening of two public hearings to consider the annexation of two unincorporated properties: the Oja Lumber Island and the Miller, Hanning, Scofield, Ruch Island.

The annexations are prompted by the city’s efforts to extend the Urban Renewal District. Because the Cedar Ridge property is not within the district, in order for it to be included, other property must be annexed.

Also on Monday’s agenda is the presentation of a contract with Cherryville Construction for the remodel of the Hoodland Library.

In addition, King will make proclamations about Child Abuse Prevention Month and 2015 Arbor Week.