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Cedar Ridge students spruce up school

Leadership students organized school-wide day of service

Despite hot temperatures, several students at Cedar Ridge Middle School volunteered their time on Monday, April 27, to help clean up their school.

“Each year we try to organize some form of school service project where students are actively involved in helping maintain their learning environment,” said Nicole Johnston, Cedar Ridge principal.POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Cedar Ridge Middle School Principal Nicole Johnston and a student volunteer fill a wheelbarrow with bark chips to spread in the schools flower beds.

Johnston said the cleanup was the idea of her six student council members, who planned the spring cleanup to coincide with the upcoming May career day.

“We want to welcome our visitors with our best foot forward,” Johnston said. “This is such an awesome group of kids that I think they are always thinking about new ways to keep Cedar Ridge moving forward. From starting a student store to coming up with events and activities that involve a variety of students, they are quite the group of rock stars.”POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Leadership students help pull unwanted weeds in front of Cedar Ridge.

Students rallied around the front of the school after classes ended to pick up trash, weed the flower beds and spread wood chips from Boring Bark. Track students also banded together after practice to clean up around the school’s track.

“The primary objective is that the kids take the reins to help make this the best possible place for learning,” Johnston said before cleanup activities began on Monday afternoon.

The middle school has about 400 students. Johnston said she expected a handful of volunteers, but that teachers also had stepped up to help with efforts. POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Students spread bark chips purchased from Boring Bark.

Johnston hoped the afternoon of service would serve as one more lesson for the day.

“When students become actively involved in their school with events like this, it helps them feel more connected to their school community and responsible for their learning environment,” she said. “Our hope is that these experiences also transcend into the larger community.”

She explained that when students are involved, they become more aware of the time, effort and resources that go into keeping the community clean. POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Weeding and picking up trash provides an opportunity to visit and bond with classmates at Cedar Ridge Middle School.

“Sandy is a great place to live, and we want to do our part to put forth some elbow grease and Storm Pride to keep it that way.”