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Card shop hopes to be a fun place for geeks to hang

New business Legends of Lore promises Friday tournaments

A new shop in Sandy is trying to become the go-to place for self-proclaimed geeks.

Jonathan Sohriakoff, who has worked at Sandy’s AEC for two years, recently moved with his wife to Sandy from Gresham to be closer to his job.

Now, Sohriakoff has begun a new endeavor. Every day when he leaves his job at AEC, Sohriakoff walks across the Heritage Square parking lot between Proctor and Pioneer boulevards to his second job: running a card shop.

Legends of Lore, which Sohriakoff recently opened, is a trading card shop. It carries cards for Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Jonathan Sohriakoff started Legends of Lore, a card shop that offers Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

The card shop celebrated its grand opening Friday, Nov. 8.

An avid Magic: The Gathering player, Sohriakoff noticed the city was lacking a card shop.

Sohriakoff said the nearest shop is in Gresham and he has heard from acquaintances that they don’t have the best customer service.

“I thought, ‘Well, why not?’” he said.

Sohriakoff, who refers to himself as a geek — not to be confused with a nerd — said he is invested in Magic because he loves the game and the people.

He said his new business seems like the perfect job — not only does he get to be around the people he likes to associate with, he also gets to share his knowledge of the trading card game.

“I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” Sohriakoff said. “It’s better to be my own boss. Well, I guess the customers are my bosses now.”

For now, Sohriakoff’s business is just starting off.

“We’re going to see what geek base there is here in town,” he said.

So far, Sohriakoff has received a lot of interest.

On Tuesday nights, he hosts a Magic: The Gathering night at Bunsenbrewer, a local science-themed brewery.

With the help of staff over at Bunsenbrewer, on Tuesday nights they will begin offering specialty beers named after Magic characters, Sohriakoff said. For example, he explained that a mixture of one of Bunsenbrewer’s spicy brews and a dark beer makes up Chandra’s Nightcap, named for a fire mage character in the Magic game.Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Legends of Lore offers a place for card enthusiasts to hang out and play their game of choice. With the help of a mini-fridge, Legends offers reasonably priced refreshments.

Sohriakoff said he also has drawn interest from people wanting to play Dungeons and Dragons at the shop. With the help of a gaming table, complete with a computer monitor mounted underneath, Sohriakoff said he will begin hosting Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday nights.

“I’m hoping that’s a huge attraction,” Sohriakoff said.

Legends of Lore is more than just a retail shop; it serves as a place for card game enthusiasts to be among others who love the games. The store has multiple tables set up for playing and sells refreshments at what Sohriakoff said he thinks are reasonable prices.

“I’m trying to make it a fun place for people to be,” Sohriakoff said.

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