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Actors Theatre to undertake lighting upgrade this summer

$2,460 grant to help theater troupe replace lighting console

Thanks to funds from the Clackamas County Cultural Coalition, Sandy Actors Theatre is about to get an upgrade in technology.

At the beginning of this year, Sandy Actors Theatre was awarded a $2,460 grant to begin an overhaul of its theater’s lighting.

“We’ve been wanting to upgrade our lighting system for a long, long time,” said Dan Bosserman, a five-year member of the Sandy Actors Theatre governing board and the one to write the grant proposal.

The grant was specifically targeted for the first phase of the upcoming project, buying and installing a new lighting control console.

Bosserman said SAT had the system picked out before writing the grant, with the help of Doug Holtry, which may have provided a level of detail that helped the group win the grant.

“What we’ve got is old,” said Bosserman of the equipment, noting it’s been there longer than he’s been involved with the acting troupe. “There’s no way we could greatly upgrade our lighting system without greatly improving our ability to control the lighting system.”

“We believe that enhancing the professionalism of our productions will increase our audience, and that will increase East Clackamas County’s exposure to the arts and culture,” read the project description within the grant application.

SAT plans to work with Portland General Electric when beginning the upgrade to minimize environmental and energy effects. Clackamas County Cultural Coalition set a 2015 deadline for use of the funds. Holtry will install the system this summer after SAT’s last play of the season ends in June and before the kids’ production begins in July.

“It should make a significant difference in our productions,” Bosserman said. “When you upgrade and get professional quality (technology) it’s a more enjoyable thing.”

Sandy Actors Theatre presents 60 productions a year, five plays with 12 performances each.