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Oregon Trail Academy students awarded for science fair projects

Grades 6-8 students showcase research projects Friday, Jan. 23

Oregon Trail Academy's Middle Years Program students were recognized for their scientific work through the second-annual Middle Years Program Science and Engineering fair.

The academy held its second-annual fair on Friday, Jan. 23. Each student in grades 6-8, and two students from Boring, submitted projects to be judged either individually or with a partner.

The science fair was divided into four categories for judging: experimental life sciences, experimental physical science, behavioral science and career shadows, and engineering and mechanical physics.

The judges’ panel, made up of community volunteers, looked at each of the projects and came up with the winners.

Best of Fair awards went to a team as well as an individual project. Anna Focht and Anneka Wedell won Best of Fair for their project, “How Bright Is Your Learning?", while Soren Ofstie won for “Magic Math Mango.”

Other awards were given to the following winners:

Experimental life sciences

n First place: Weston Meyers and Shawn Yang for “Dandelion Decomposition”

n Second place: Kieanah Weakland for “How to Save a Flower”

n Third place: Bergen Jones and Emily Wendler for “How Do Different Drinks Affect Teeth”

Behavioral science and career shadows

n First place: Anna Focht and Anneka Wedell for “How Bright Is Your Learning?” and Molly Reel for “Mertens Mammals & Molly”

n Second place: Anastasia Ives and Tori Yates for “What’s Your Addiction?”, Kiah Campbell for “Leslie Roach & R&R New Options Career Shadow” and Brooklyn Adams and Elena Cabrera for “Graphic Design”

n Third place: Kaitlin Rea and Katie Zimmer for “Be On The Lookout!”

Experimental physical science

n First place: Soren Ofstie for “Magic Math Mango”

Engineering and mechanical physics

n First place: Mark Jensen for “Hydroelectric Generator”

n Second place: Addie Warner for “Bat House Design”

n Third place: Austin Sears and Ryan Weber for “Bridgeology”