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Investigators seek 'serial flasher' after sightings in Boring, Eagle Creek

Sheriff's office seeks public's help in locating suspect

Photo Credit: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - A sketch depicting the suspect was released on Tuesday, Feb. 17. The mid-length red hair pictured is believed by authorities to be a wig.The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office continues to seek tips in a string of indecent exposure incidents that started in December in Boring and Eagle Creek.

The sheriff's office notified the public in December they sought information on a serial flasher reportedly accosting women in the Boring and Eagle Creek areas.

In each incident, a white man in a black pickup, described possibly as a Ford Ranger, reportedly accosted women walking on the roadway or working in their yards, according to a sheriff's office news release. The man allegedly got out of his pickup naked and began masturbating.

Each time, the suspect left before the victim can confront him.

In all, the sheriff's office has received a total of 14 reports of indecent exposure incidents believed to involve the same suspect — 11 in Clackamas County and three in Multnomah County.

Karla Farr, who lives on the Boring-Damascus border, had a run-in with the man on the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 9. She told investigators she was walking in the block between Hoffmeister Road and Highway 212, as she does a couple times a week, when she noticed a car with its headlights on in a driveway up ahead.

"He got out and had absolutely nothing on with his hat," Farr said. "I was just so shocked."

Once she got over the shock of what was happening, she pulled out her cell phone to get a photo of his truck.

"By the time I got my phone out he had jumped back in and took off," she said.

However, Farr was able to get a blurry photo of the truck driving away.

From that, detectives were able to get out a good description of the man's vehicle. Farr said she wasn't sure if hearing the suspect had done this multiple times was comforting or not.

"I was glad [the detective] said the picture had helped," Farr said. "I'm hoping that with all of us reporting that they will be able to catch him."

Sheriff’s office detectives are still seeking help and information from the public regarding this string of crimes.Photo Credit: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - A second photo captured a clear image of the black suspect pickup. Karla Farr delivered the first photo as evidence on Dec. 9

The suspect was originally described as a white man in his early 20s, with a thin, muscular build, short brown hair, a light complexion and sharp features. In more recent cases, the man is described as having mid-length red hair, but authorities believe it is the same suspect.

Sheriff's investigators said it's possible the “red hair” is a wig. In some cases, he was described as wearing a camouflage baseball cap, similar to an Army hat.

His vehicle is a small black pickup with an extra cab and a small, round, white sticker in the lower-left corner of the truck's rear window.

Based on recent reports, investigators believe the vehicle is likely a 2001-2004 Chevy S10 crew cab, possibly with a ZR2 package.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office confidential Tip Line at 503-723-4949 or at web3.clackamas.us/contact/tip.jsp. Those with tips should reference CCSO case No. 15-4282.