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Pets introduced to new friendly face on clinic visits

Sandy Animal Clinic's newest vet calls herself a 'dog and cat kind of girl'

Some of Sandy’s pets will see a new friendly face to make their visits to the vet a little bit brighter.

Michelle DeCourcey, a Portland native who recently moved back to Oregon from Port Angeles, Wash., is the newest veterinarian at Sandy Animal Clinic.

DeCourcey, who is the proud owner of a golden retriever and two cats, said she was destined to become a veterinarian from a young age, when her family told her she was good with animals.

“I decided when I was very young, like 5, that it meant I should be a veterinarian,” she said.

DeCourcey said that so far, being a vet is living up to her expectations.Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Michelle DeCourcey tries to cheer up Winnie, a sleepy patient, during her recovery.

“I love it,” she said. “I like working with animals and people also. You work with a lot of people.”

DeCourcey attended school at Washington State. She spent five years earning her undergraduate degree and four years at vet school.

She has been back in Oregon for a month and at Sandy Animal Clinic for shortly less time.

So far, she is finding Sandy fairly similar to Port Angeles as a small town near a big city.

DeCourcey only works with cats and dogs at Sandy Animal Clinic, and hasn’t worked with any other animals since finishing school.

“I’m a real dog and cat kind of girl,” she said.

DeCourcey said there are a lot of ups and downs in her job and that the hardest part is communicating bad news.

“And then you have to turn around and see a new kitten and be happy again,” she added.

She said at her new workplace, she is enjoying how well everybody works together and supports each other.

“I’m hoping to stay here as long as I can,” she said. Her goal is to stay in private practice, she said she thinks she will be happy with that path.

When asked the age old question, “Which pet is better, dog or cat?” DeCourcey had trouble picking since she owns both.

While she said she misses her dog the most when she’s away, her cats are always in her dreams.