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Liepolds damaged by weather, burglary

Despite setbacks, October Harvest Festival, Corn Cross continue

On Sunday morning, Oct. 26, Marcia Liepold and her husband, owners of Liepold Farms in Boring, woke up to find they had suffered a devastating blow to their business.

Not only had about 90 percent of the farm’s corn maze, a large pull to its Harvest Festival that runs throughout the month of October, been knocked over by stormy weather that hit the area Saturday, but they also had suffered damage of another kind.

One of the buildings on the property, used to house the Harvest Festival’s cash register, had been broken into and ransacked.

Liepold said that this is the fourth time in two months the farm has been hit by crime and that police believe the occurrences may be linked.

“That’s why it’s as devastating as it is,” Liepold said.

When Clackamas County sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene, suspects were allegedly attempting to get into another building on Liepold Farms’ property, she said.

Liepold said her son had gone back to the property, about half a mile from the Harvest Festival’s center, and saw them attempting to enter the building.

After he confronted them, the suspects took off before police could respond.

Liepold said the losses from the break in are mostly vandalism related. In addition to breaking down the double doors leading inside the building, suspects went through registers and trashed the place.

“This has been a complete blow to us,” Liepold said.

She said having the added stress on top of the struggles of running a farm is a lot to take.

“We need all the community support we can get,” she said.

On the plus side, Liepold said the suspects were caught on the farm’s surveillance video and that the police may already have leads.

“Maybe we can catch them,” she said.

Liepold said that she and her family are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the suspects who vandalized their property.

Despite setbacks, Liepold’s farm is still open for its October Harvest Festival. There are plenty of pumpkins and other family activities. Some customers are even trying to traverse the corn maze.

“People went in over the weekend and said they still enjoyed it,” Liepold said.

She added that customers thought perhaps the corn maze would be easier because of its damaged corn but were still finding themselves lost in the field.

The second annual Sandy/Boring Corn Cross racing event will still continue on at Liepold’s on Saturday, Nov. 1.

Liepold said the course may need some enhancing because of the damage to the corn, but the family hopes to provide the venue for the new event just as they did last year.

"The race is on," said Carol Cohen, organizer of the Corn Cross race.

She said that the path of the maze is still fine, but before the race she and volunteers may need to clear some of the fallen corn.

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