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City contracts with company for Tickle Creek restoration

DEQ-mandated vegetation project to wrap up in May

The city of Sandy is contracting with Mosaic Ecology, LLC, to remove invasive species in the Tickle Creek Corridor as agreed upon with the Department of Environmental Quality in lieu of a 2013 water quality violation fine.

On Jan. 7, 2014, DEQ issued a $5,100 fine to the city for a wastewater discharge into Tickle Creek from a Boring treatment facility in May 2013. City Manager Seth Atkinson said the water overflow was an unforeseen complication resulting from heavy rainfall on and prior to May 23 through May 27, and the city appealed the fine.

Later that year, the city agreed to fund a Supplemental Environmental Project in lieu of financial penalties.

The proposed project, which DEQ mandates completion by May 2016, includes the removal of invasive and non-native vegetation from the Tickle Creek Trail Corridor and the planting of native trees and shrubs.

“(DEQ) approved our project, and now we have to select someone to do this work,” said Mike Walker, city of Sandy’s public works director, at the Sandy City Council Meeting on Monday, Nov. 16. “We’re recommending we award a contract to Mosaic LLC for a restoration of the Tickle Creek Corridor.”

According to a staff report issued by Walker, Mosaic Ecology is owned by Jason Dumont, who worked with the Nature Conservancy to direct invasive species removal and native plantings in the Sandy River Park, which the report said “is now thriving.”

The company is also under contract to Metro regional government to perform ongoing restoration in the multiple green spaces and natural areas owned by Metro.

On Monday night, after a short discussion on the safety of using herbicides to remove invasive species, the Sandy City Council unanimously awarded a contract to Mosaic Ecology for the project. The contract is not to exceed $20,000.

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