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Frack Burger brings new casual dining option to Boring

Canby-based restaurant opens newest outlet in former A&W

An independent burger chain hatched in Canby in 2012 has made its way to Boring.

Frack Burger’s fourth location opened on Saturday, Jan. 24, off of Highway 26 in Boring, joining its three restaurants in Canby, Vancouver and Southeast Portland.Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - James Frack Frackowiak opened his fourth Frack Burger location in Boring on Saturday, Jan. 24.

The restaurant was started by Oregon City resident James “Frack” Frackowiak, who said he fell in love with good food as a kid, as a way to bring his love of food to the community.

The love that stemmed from his neighbor’s Sicilian cooking stayed with him as he began his first job in a Bistro in Grants Pass and cooked his way through college.

Frack said he hopes the new Frack Burger, which takes over from the former A&W location at the Highway 26/212 interchange, will breathe new life into the sleepy plaza.

Although Frack revamped the inside of the restaurant to include fewer freezers, more room for fresh cooking and a small dining room that can fit about 15 diners, he decided to keep the drive-in feel.

Instead of using the old speaker boxes that tended to pick up unwanted highway noise, Frack Burger uses technology that allows customers to place orders using their cell phones.

But the upgrade presented its own problems. Frack said cellphone service is proving to be terrible there.

Frack Burger serves burgers made from Oregon-raised, grass-fed beef, as well as hand-cut fries, handmade milkshakes and other extras you would get at a burger joint.

“We’re as local as we can be,” Frack said. “Our goal is to put out product that’s made fresh to order.”Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Frack Burger continues to use the drive-in stalls that came with the territory, but with some upgrades.

Frack emphasized his restaurant is not like McDonald’s — despite it’s best-selling burger, the “Big Frac” sounding reminiscent of the golden-arches favorite — nor is it A&W.

He said his restaurant serves fresh, good food with simple preparation. But be warned, Frack Burger’s made-to-order food may take a little longer to get to your car than the average fast food place.

“I want to be able to serve this community in a way that will make them happy,” Frack said.

Frack, meanwhile, is working on getting more locations up and running in Longview, Wash., West Linn and Woodburn.

So far, the Boring restaurant has been extremely busy.

“That’s a good thing though,” he said. “We like that.”

On Friday, Jan. 30, Frack Burger’s drive-in spots and dining room were almost completely full, and Frack was busy lending his hands in making milkshakes and seeing that customers were being taken care of.

With the amount of business so far, the store will probably need a team of 15 to 20 staff members, Frack noted.

Offering up tasty food is not the only way Frack is helping the local community.

He has already been approached to help with a fundraiser for Sandy High School’s basketball program, and he was more than happy to agree.

Frack said he’d like to extend an open invitation to other local sports clubs and programs looking to do a creative fundraiser.