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New restaurant offers BBQ and rock crawling

Crawlers Pub is open evenings

Even in striking out on her own, Sarah McKay is supporting her family’s business.

Sarah got the idea for her business by watching her father’s business grow. Her father, Mike McKay, along with her mother, Kathy, own Mad Dogz Hobby in Sandy.

In August, Sarah opened Crawlers Pub, a remote-control rock crawler themed restaurant and pub, directly behind her father’s RC hobby store.

“I helped my dad in the store a lot,” Sarah said. “I know a lot of the guys that come in. Rock crawling is their hobby and beer drinking is just as important; why not do them together?”

Rock crawlers are one of the products sold at Mike’s hobby store. The remote-control vehicles are distinguished by their large wheels and the ability to drive off-road and, of course, over rocks.Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - The pub features 26 tons of rock for its rock crawling course.

Crawlers Pub has been a long time coming. Sarah and her fiancé Ray, the dreamer behind the restaurant portion of Crawlers, have done a lot of transformative work on the space.

Before it became Crawlers, the warehouse-like building needed plumbing, lots of paint and about 26 tons of rock.

No, Crawlers is not selling gravel on the side — the rock was material for what is now the Crawlers indoor rock crawling track.

Although Sarah herself is more into quilting as a hobby, her son, Drew, inherited his grandfather’s knack for the hobby.

Hobbyists can bring their own rock crawlers and rent track time. The pub also has four RC rock crawlers for customers to rent and use on the track if they want to try the hobby out.Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Customers at Crawlers can rent one of the restaurants four remote-control rock crawlers while they wait for their meal.

“I thought, ‘Put it all together and you’ve got a great concept for town,’” Sarah said. She hopes that Crawlers will create another indoor activity for families to do together when it’s raining outside.

“People have been amazed by it, entertained by it,” Sarah said. Many customers enjoy coming in just to watch others drive the rock crawlers, she added.

Even her father thinks it’s great. Having a rock crawling track behind his store allows Mike the opportunity to demo some of his products.

So far, Sarah said Friday, Saturday and Monday nights — Mondays are taco night — have been bringing in good business.

It’s been slow on the other weeknights, which Sarah attributes to the summer opening. She said she hopes that once winter comes along, the pub’s popularity will take off.

“I hope it’s the place to be in town,” Sarah said.

Crawlers Pub is run by Sarah and Ray with Drew helping out where he can.

Being self-employed offers several advantages for Sarah, a part-time student. She is studying natural medicine online through the American College of Healthcare Sciences.Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Owners of RC rock crawlers can bring their cars and rent time on Crawlers track.

Crawlers will continue expanding — Sarah said she plans to add a bigger walk-in cooler. With the new space, the pub could host up to 50 beers on tap. For now, Sarah said they’ll stick with 10.

Crawlers also fills growlers.

The beers on tap complement the pub food, burgers and barbecue. This winter, Sarah hopes to have comfort food specials as well.

Crawlers is open 4-10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Sarah says eventually she and her family would like to have a lunch hour, and maybe even open for breakfast on the weekends.

Crawlers Pub is also available for private parties and events.

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