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Boring Brewing sets up shop along Highway 212

Local brewery opens tasting room downtown

Boring Brewing Co. fans now have a place to pull up a stool, drink a pint of their favorite brew or even try something new at the business’s new taproom in downtown Boring. POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - John Griffith, owner of Boring Brewing Co., offers a taste of his Hot Scotch brew, his wifes personal favorite.

Three years ago, John Griffith of Boring decided to take a hobby to the next level. For 24 years, he brewed beer at home and it became a passion for him.

Before he started Boring Brewing, Griffith read a few articles on home brewing and decided to look into it.

He began brewing for his new business in a 500 square-foot space on his property. Because all of his space was taken up by brewing equipment, Griffith never got the chance to establish a tasting room — until now. POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - The Boring Brewing taproom offers tasters, pints and growler fills.

Boring Brewing opened a tasting room in a small downtown commercial space in mid-December.

“This came available and we decided to take a stab,” Griffith said, citing Boring’s limited commercial space as the reason for not being able to open a tasting room sooner.

Before the taproom location opened, Griffith occasionally opened his brewery on weekends for enthusiasts to come and try his beers.POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - The Boring Brewing taproom is located on Highway 212 in downtown Boring.

“There was no place for people to sit down, they were basically walking into the brewery,” Griffith said. “We wanted to give people a better experience. Here, they can come sit down, have a pint and get a growler to go.”

The Boring Brewing taproom features six taps with Griffith’s beer, growler fills, a small bar and a seating room where visitors can watch TV.

Griffith also sells and fills “crowlers,” 32-ounce refillable cans meant to take the place of bulkier glass growlers.

Boring Brewing has four regular beers and several seasonal flavors that rotate. The company usually produces six to eight beers at any given time. Griffith said he rotates new flavors in about every two months.

“Everything’s hands on,” Griffith said. “I handle all the brewing personally.”POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - John Griffith, owner of Boring Brewing Co., pours a taster from on tap at his businesss new taproom.

Being small and local is one of the things that sets Boring Brewing apart — that, and its unique name.

Griffith’s most popular brew is the Big Yawn IPA, which is named parallel to Boring Brewing’s label featuring a yawn front and center, it also happens to be Griffith’s personal favorite.

His wife, Kathy, prefers a more seasonal flavor. Her favorite beer is the Hot Scotch, a Scottish ale brewed with scotch bonnet peppers to add a little heat for winter.

In addition to being a display for Griffith’s beers, the taproom also features other local businesses. The entryway showcases a small, free library so people can grab a book and leave a book as they fill their growlers and local crafts. POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - The Boring Brewing Co. rotates through year-round and seasonal brews.

One such featured business is the Shaggy Dog Bakery in Damascus.

“We wanted to pull in the community and involve local businesses,” Griffith said.

The small seating area is now adorned with artwork by recent Sandy High graduate Sierra Martz but will feature works by a local artist every few months.

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