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And we have a winner: Oktoberfest stein found

The blue beer stein was found the morning the third clue was revealed

The search is over — the Oktoberfest beer stein, worth $200, has been found.

On the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 27, Janet Mackey found the stein in its hiding place in Sandy Bluff Park, just after the third clue was revealed in the weekly edition of the Sandy Post.

The clues, which were revealed only in the printed version of the Sandy Post, were:

Clue No. 1

Treasure hunters should begin the search with a love of fresh air

You won’t find the prize while sitting in a chair

Clue No. 2

The treasure lies near trees that see Mount Hood

Precious gems will point you toward the goods

Clue No. 3

Laughs and barks you’ll hear when you enter the park

The rain is not really metallic, but at least you won’t need an ark

Mackey will receive her prize Sunday, Sept. 7, at the Sandy Oktoberfest. Pick up next week's edition of the Sandy Post to learn how she deciphered the riddle.

For more information on Sandy's annual Oktoberfest, visit sandyoktoberfest.net

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