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Anticipated winter freeze seems managable in Sandy

While roads in Sandy seem fine, condition keep residents at higher elevation indoors

Students in the Oregon Trail School District woke up to a cancelled school day this morning. Although confusion set in when kids realized there was no snow to play in.

Although it’s currently 32 degrees in Sandy, Mike Walker, public works director for the city of Sandy, said they’re not seeing many problems.

“Most of the streets are in pretty good condition,” Walker said.

On Wednesday evening, while the streets were still dry, city of Sandy trucks were spreading de-icer along the streets in preparation for this morning’s storm.

However, they have seen little complications in road conditions.

Walker said the closure at the Oregon Trail School District may have little to do with how Sandy is fairing.

“They’re so big,” Walker said. “Conditions may be different in Welches than they are in Sandy.”

Diane Cordero de Noriega, the PR Chair for Gresham Rotary, lives outside of Sandy on Wildcat Mountain Drive at an elevation of 1,650 feet.

She said there is frozen rain on the ground outside her home and still more accumulating. She and her husband have not decided if they’re going to venture out today.

“We heard it tinkling all night,” she said. “And it’s not melting.”

Although their kids are grown and in their own homes, Cordero de Noriega said her cats are enjoying the quasi-snow day.

“We have two cats who are true Oregonians,” Cordero de Noriega said. “They stay out there until their little feet get cold and then come back in.”

Cordero de Noriega said her home lost power last night, Wednesday, Nov. 12, for about three hours.

Luckily, her house that was built ten years ago is equipped with a standby generator.

“Let me tell you, it is worth its weight in gold,” she said with a laugh. “We’re warm and cozy ­– not sitting in the dark.”

But residents who live at a lower elevation are seeing conditions get better.

“There’s really nothing on the ground out here,” Walker said.

Temperatures are getting colder to the west of Sandy, and conditions are in flux. As of 11 a.m. Thursday, it was 30 degrees in Gresham.