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Sandy Chamber raffles bike to support local family

Proceeds will go to providing for a family this season

The Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce has come up with a new way to raise money for its annual holiday sponsorship of a family — by raffling off a bike.

Every year, the chamber office raises money, mostly through 50/50 raffles at Good Morning Sandy meetings, to put toward sponsoring a family in the Oregon Trail School District during the holidays.

This year, one of the chamber’s members has donated a custom-painted Phat bike to raffle, valued at around $900.Photo Credit: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - The bike that will be raffled to help support the chambers sponsored family is custom painted and valued at around $900.

According to Khrys Jones, chamber office manager, all proceeds from the sales of raffle tickets will go toward buying for the office’s sponsored family.

“I’m really hoping to get enough money for sponsoring a second family,” Jones said.

Last year, the chamber office sponsored a family of four. In December, the chamber expects to be able to support a family of four or five.

If enough money is raised, Jones said they will look into sponsoring a second family as well.

Jones said the family is chosen from within the Oregon Trail School District based on need.

To help get people excited about buying raffle tickets for the bike, Jones decided to turn it into a fun activity.

A tiny replica bike, a Barbie bike according to Jones, will be placed around Sandy at different locations. Every Tuesday, the bike will be moved to a new location. Clues will be posted in the chamber’s weekly updates as well as on its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sandyoregonchamber.

The first person to send an email to Jones, khrys@sandyoregonchamber.org, with the correct hidden location will receive an extra free raffle ticket.

The hunt begins today!Photo Credit: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Using this picture, guess where the replica bike is hidden. Send an email to Khrys Jones at the chamber for the chance to receive an extra free raffle ticket.

Raffle tickets are $5 each or five tickets for $20. Tickets are sold at the chamber office, 38979 Pioneer Blvd., or at any of the bike’s hidden locations.

In addition to buying raffle tickets, Sandy residents can help the sponsored family by purchasing gifts.

Jones said that once the family is chosen, the chamber asks each family member for a wish list of things he or she wants or needs during the holidays. The wish list will be available to anyone who would like to help with purchasing items.