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Sandy police sign contracts for new Getac Tablets

Because of needed upgrades in the Department of Justices information systems, SPD works to update technology

The Sandy Police Department is on the way to updating its computer technology.

On Monday, Feb. 3, the City Council approved a contract with Getac to lease new police department computer equipment at a cost of $112,500, and on Tuesday, Feb. 18, the council approved a financing contract with Clackamas County Bank for a loan.

The Sandy Police Department uses the Criminal Justice Information System, managed and maintained by the Oregon Department of Justice. Because of requirements by the Department of Justice, Sandy is moving away from Windows XP by April in order to support upgrades to the software.

After working with City IT Manager Joe Knapp, the police department came up with the solution of purchasing Getac Tablets to outfit patrol cars with.

The police department’s current equipment is almost 10 years old.

The current project will cost $112,500, which includes installation and accessories.

Getac F110 Tablets are durable tablets meant for fieldwork. Police Chief Kim Yamashita said the tablets will be mounted on dashboards, freeing up center console space, and include cameras that can capture pictures and video for evidence if needed.

Part of the money to pay for the contract is coming from the police budget, in the amount of $10,000. A second sum of $47,000 will be provided from the city of Sandy’s general fund, and $56,500 will come from a loan contracted through Clackamas County Bank.

Yamashita said that not only would the department be supporting a local business, but Clackamas County Bank had the best rates and terms.

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