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City Hall to receive more eco-friendly upgrade

Bridgetown Construction will replace City Hall's lightbulbs with LEDs

The city of Sandy is updating City Hall to be more green, and not in color.

On Monday, July 21, the Sandy City Council decided to award a contract to a local company to replace all of the fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures in City Hall with LED bulbs.

Public Works Director Mike Walker said the city began looking into the conversion last fall when it was approached by an LED bulb vendor.

The idea is that once City Hall coverts to LED bulbs, the city will save money on replacing traditional bulbs and hopefully cut down on energy costs. However, Walker said it is hard to know the amount of money that will be saved at this time.

City staff spent time soliciting proposals for the conversion and came up with six different options for execution of the project.

However, the city also planned to include construction on upper level ceiling tiles in the contract, and only two companies provided prices for this piece.

In the end, the decision was made to award the project to Bridgetown Construction.

Walker hopes that the city will receive a rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon to cover some of the costs for the LED conversion.

Although Walker is unsure of when the conversion will begin, he said it shouldn’t affect City Hall’s services. “It’s in the contract that they can’t have more than one customer service area out at one time,” he said.

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