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Boring CPO stands firm again Metro

Position statement explains opposition to urban reserves

The Boring Community Planning Organization and the people of Boring are taking their next steps in the fight to be removed from the boundaries of Metro.

At the Boring CPO meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 1, eligible voting residents decided to approve a position statement presented by Steve Bates, former Boring CPO chairman and the driving force behind efforts to remove Boring from Metro.

After being signed by Boring CPO chairman Michael Fitz, the position statement will be delivered to the Clackamas Board of County Commissioners.

“It gives chair Fitz the ability to go to Clackamas County and say, ‘The people want to have this discussion,’” Bates said at the Tuesday meeting.

Bates hopes the statement will keep Boring at the forefront of the commissioners' minds.

“Predominately, what we want to do is we want to make sure the future of Boring is rock solid,” Bates said. “To keep it like it is, rather than be subject to Metro’s urban growth grab.”

The position statement states that the residents, business and property owners in Boring wish for the acreage within the community known as "urban reserves" be removed from that designation and instead be declared "un-designated."

“If we can get out of the urban reserves then we don’t have to worry about being pulled into the urban growth boundary,” Fitz said at the meeting. “If we continue to pursue this course, we’re choosing to preserve Boring as it is today.”

The efforts to put Boring in the minds of Clackamas County lawmakers comes from the ongoing discussions of the future of Stafford.

Stafford, a hamlet in Clackamas County that sits between Tualatin and West Linn, is in the middle of a debate after the Oregon Court of Appeals reversed and remanded its designation as “urban reserve” by the Land Conservation and Development Commission in February 2014.

“Now’s the time to be bringing Boring to the forefront,” Bates said. “So we can also be included with some of the decisions.”

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