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High School experiences lock down Wednesday

Sandy police respond to reports of "weird" sounds outside school

Students and staff at Sandy High School were on lockdown in the building for about 45 minutes on Wednesday, Sept. 9, as Sandy police investigated a loud noise reported outside the school that morning.

Students reported hearing a loud noise near the school at around 9:35 a.m. to a staff member. Sandy police were called and responded to the school just before 11 a.m.

"Some weird noises were heard," said Sandy police Chief Kim Yamashita. "What they thought might have been an explosion."

After searching the area, while students and staff were asked to remain in the building, Sandy Police determined there was no threat.POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - Sandy High School was put on lockdown Wednesday after locals reported hearing an explosion-like noise.

During the investigation, a student reported seeing a man with a gun on the edge of the school's nearby forest trail.

"The student met with a police officer to discuss the incident, and we learned that the man with a gun was a police officer in process of investigating the loud noise," wrote Principal Kim Ball in a Facebook post on Wednesday afternoon.

"The upside is, it was a good drill," Yamashita added. "The kids and staff did an exceptional job ... Everybody did what they were trained to do, and it worked."

Oregon Trail School District Communications Director Julia Monteith agreed.

"It was pretty much right on," she said. "It can be a frightening experience, but even the kids followed the protocol."

Even though students were at lunch at the time and not in their regular classrooms, Yamashita and Monteith said everything went smoothly and staff were able to get students secured in classrooms quickly.

"That in itself was a good drill," Monteith added. "They just basically went to the nearest safe place."

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