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Sandy Actors Theatre prepares laughs for 'Suite Surrender'

Troupe closes out season with 2008 McKeever farce

Sandy Actors Theatre will end its 2014-15 season with what leaders hope will be a laugh riot.

“They’re going to love it,” said Director Kraig Williams of what audiences should expect to see in SAT’s newest production, “Suite Surrender.” “They’ll be having a great time throughout the whole thing.”

“Suite Surrender,” will open at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 5.

Written in 2008 by Michael McKeever, “Suite Surrender” is a farce, set in 1942, about a clash of Hollywood egos at the luxurious Palm Beach Royale Hotel.CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: MICHAEL HENLEY - Melissa Haviv, Jim Bumgardner and Mary Wiegel rehearse SATs newest production, Suite Surrender.

Sandy Actors Theatre’s version stars Mary Weigel as Claudia McFadden and Melissa Haviv as Athena Sinclair, the two Hollywood divas, and Jim Bumgardner as Bernard Dunlap, the hotel manager.

Other cast members include Kim Berger, Tracey Grant, Ian Leiner, Ruben Garza, Jennifer Souders and Bret Hatcher.

Williams said “Suite Surrender” is mostly popular on the East Coast but is finally gaining traction in this neck of the woods.

“This new play is starting to pick up steam, so it’s exciting to see that,” he said. “The main thing that I love about it is it’s an ensemble cast. Every character has their moment to shine and bring a comedic element to the play.”

This is the first play Williams, an Oregon City resident, has directed with Sandy Actors Theatre, although he did perform in a previous SAT production.

He directed “Suite Surrender” in the past at Beaverton Civic Theatre but said he is really enjoying working in Sandy.

“I appreciate and admire the people behind the scenes,” he said, citing that with the great work of the costume and set designers and producer, he knows everything else is taken care of and he can focus on the actors. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: MICHAEL HENLEY - Ian Leiner as Mr. Pippet, Mary Weigel as Claudia McFadden, Jim Bumgardner as Bernard Dunlap, Melissa Haviv as Athena Sinclair and Jennifer Souders as Murphy ready for the plays opening on Friday, June 5.

“That and the community of Sandy is tremendous too,” he added.

Williams repeated that he expects people will be laughing throughout the whole show, and his evidence is the laughter-filled rehearsals.

“We’re still cracking each other up in rehearsals,” he said. “The actors are having a blast putting their own elements and their own sense of creativity into their particular characters.”

He believes audiences will love the non-stop laughter of “Suite Surrender.”

Sandy Actors Theatre is located at 17433 Meinig Avenue in Sandy.