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Officer gets thanks for work outside Sandy

Police Chief praises officers' good work

Public servants don’t always receive thanks, but one Sandy Police officer is receiving thanks from the other side of Clackamas County.

Sandy Police Chief Kim Yamashita says she often receives emails from community members reporting on the good work of Sandy Police officers.

Recently she received an email from a citizen of Gladstone about an officer going out of his way even outside of Sandy city limits.

In the email, the citizen described seeing a Sandy patrol car parked on Highway 224 near Happy Valley, lights flashing, around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 12. A Sandy officer got out of the car and began picking up empty fruit boxes that were scattered across the lanes.

The citizen, who previously had noticed the boxes were the cause of slowing traffic and cars swerving to avoid them, said it was impressive to see the officer stopping on a hot afternoon to clear the highway and make it safe for others.

The email closed: “This small act of doing what was right is a good example of taking care of a problem even when it isn't necessarily your problem. I've told several of my friends about it, and want to let you know his action was not unnoticed and reflects well on the Sandy Police Department.”

While she receives emails like this one or two times a month, Yamashita said she was proud to receive this one and grateful for the officers who are a part of her department.

“The men and women of this department really do care about their community and do a good job every day,” she said. “I am very proud to work here and honored to serve alongside them. The fact that the officer made an effort to do the right thing, regardless of location, is what I expect of them, and they never miss an opportunity to shine.”

After receiving emails such as this, Yamashita said she is sure to put a copy in the officer’s file.

“I read them at the monthly staff meetings and then I provide them with either a coffee card or car wash coupon as my personal thank you for doing such a good job that a citizen took the time out of their day to call or write,” Yamashita said.