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Sandy Business Task Force introduces how-to guide

Councilor Grant Baker hopes guide will make it easier to start a business in city

The city of Sandy’s website now provides a step-by-step how-to guide to opening a business in Sandy.

Developed by Sandy’s Business Task Force, the online guide is now available in its simplest form on the city’s website.

After City Council member Grant Baker introduced the guide to the council at its meeting Tuesday, Feb. 18, Councilor Lois Coleman reported that once the website’s new design is in place, the guide will feature interactive graphics.

But for now it is fairly straightforward.

Baker said they hope the guide will make the process easy for everyone. “We want to make it a more friendly place to start a business.”

The online guide provides an introduction, encouraging future business owners to read through the guide before leasing a space for their business, followed by five steps to developing the business.

It includes links to pages directing businesses to the city of Sandy’s Available Commercial Properties database and city zoning maps.

Baker said despite not having received a ton of feedback from businesses going through the process, the task force did invite a couple of business owners to see the process, “and they were all pretty pleased with what they saw.”

The Task Force also plans to have paper copies available at City Hall and the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce office.

The guide can be found online at www.ci.sandy.or.us under “Business” and “How to Open a Business in Sandy.”

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