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Tickle Creek event exercises youths

-  Kelso teachers' fundraising event draws students, community

Dozens of Kelso elementary school students, friends, family and community members gathered at the Tickle Creek Trailhead ready for a workout the morning of Saturday, May 31.

Fit Kids, a nonprofit organization started by teachers Jennifer Johnson and Denise Stratton at Kelso Elementary and aimed at helping children become for active, held its first Fun Run between 9 a.m. and noon Saturday.

Registration was $5 per runner or $15 for a family. The event was a fundraiser for buying equipment for Fit Kids at Kelso and helping expand the program to other classrooms and other schools.

Rubber bracelets and T-shirts featuring the Fit Kids mascot, a jogging kale smoothie, were available to purchase.

Participants of all ages showed up to run the trail.

After registering, runners were given numbers and instructed in their route. Participants could choose to run or walk a 1K, 2K or 3K route. by: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - T-shirts featuring the Fit Kids mascot, a jogging kale smoothie, were available to buy at the event.

Although the youngest runners came in with scowls on their faces, Sandy TCBY was handing out free kids cups to be filled up at the location at 16605 S.E. 362nd Drive.

Fruit and water also were available for finishers.

Johnson and Stratton were there to congratulate the petite runners and ask them what they thought of the Fun Run.

Many of the two teachers’ second- and third-grade students came to participate with family members.by: POST PHOTO: KYLIE WRAY - TCBY donated free kids cups to be filled at the Sandy location after kids finished their run. Fruit and water were also available.

After finishing with the 3K, a group of students seated at the trailhead sign asked Stratton if they were allowed to run it again. Stratton answered yes, with a question on her face.

As a testament to the unfailing energy of children, all the kids set down their water bottles, jumped up and took off down the trail at full speed.