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Stuff the bus and have an elephant ear too

A treat will be served next to the pachyderm sculpture at Gerens during a Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp supply drive

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp will hold a supply drive for donations for the camp Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 8-9, at Geren’s Farm Supply. Supplies are to be brought to “Stuff the Bus,” and members of the Kiwanis Club of Sandy will cook up some elephant ears so donors can stuff their faces.

The Kiwanis Club invites community members to help “Stuff the Bus” with supplies for the camp from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

The camp’s 12-passenger bus will be parked by the life-size elephant sculpture next to Geren’s at Highway 26 and Kelso Road, 2 miles west of Sandy.

Camp supplies such as bug repellent, SPF 30 sunscreen, bottled water, individual candy bars and much more are needed for the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp.

Kiwanis members will cook elephant ears as an encouragement for people to donate supplies.

Elephant ears are free with a donation or $2 for anyone who just wants to buy one. Proceeds from the sale of the elephant ears will go to the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp.

Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp, located 4 miles west of Rhododendron on Forest Service Road 39, provides weeklong outdoor adventure experiences to children and young adults with physical, neurological or developmental disabilities.

More than 500 young people are served there each year.

A comprehensive list of the supplies is available online.

To access the full list of supplies, go to the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp website at www.mhkc.org, click on “Support the Camp” and find a wish list near the bottom.

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