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Council allows appraisal of Cedar Ridge

City to look at feasibility of buying site of Sandy pool

The City Council has authorized the city manager to solicit quotes and proceed with a property appraisal of Cedar Ridge Middle School. The city has been in talks with the Oregon Trail School District about the possibility of purchasing the site, which houses the Sandy Pool.

Over the last several months, a Pool Task Force, chaired by Councilor Jeremy Pietzold, has been exploring ideas of how to keep the city’s pool running. The task force has brought forth the idea that the city should look at purchasing the site it’s on to more easily take it over from the school district.

At the council meeting on Monday, April 14, the council voted to allow City Manager Seth Atkinson to go through with a property appraisal so that more data can be gathered before further looking at a possible transaction with the school district.

“This is a unique transfer of property and situations like this do not occur very often,” Atkinson said. “This makes it difficult to find comparable transactions.”

Although the city of Oregon City has recently purchased an elementary school from its local school district, which will provide Sandy a good opportunity for comparison, Atkinson explained that it would benefit the council to look at a professional appraisal as well.

Atkinson said that an appraisal might cost around $6,200 and take between one and two months to complete.

The appraisal would survey the building and land, including the field and surrounding timber. The cost of the appraisal was not written into the current budget and will be taken from the city’s contingency fund.

Many council members were on board with the idea.

“I think it’s probably money well spent,” said Councilor Brian Adams.

As someone who does not fully agree with the idea of the city taking over the Sandy Pool, Councilor Lois Coleman supported the idea of an appraisal, saying that it gives the council a good idea of where to start, but she cautioned that it could add up to more money in the future. “How much are we willing to spend to look at this?” she said.

“I want to emphasize that we’re not pushing to purchase this,” said Mayor Bill King, assuring that an securing an appraisal does not mean a concrete transaction with the school district. “We’re looking at the feasibility of purchasing this.”

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