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Heres a power lunch for people in business

From a trainer and mentor learn how to gain more clients and explode sales

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - Ely Delaney is pictured while conducting a workshop to help business owners learn how to better market their products or services.Ely Delaney will be in Sandy next Wednesday to help business owners and managers and others who are thinking about starting a business.

He’s in town at the invitation of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce, and will speak at the group’s monthly luncheon.

Delaney wants to impart a new vision to people connected with business. He wants them to not only learn how to find and connect with more clients, but also to enjoy the process.

“Most importantly,” he told The Post, “to make sure (the business’) message is out there and you are having fun doing what you do and you are enjoying the business you are in.”

Delaney says he will connect the relationship between a business owner’s attitude and the number of clients he or she has. He’s not a psychologist, but admits using a bit of psychology to help people change their attitude toward their business.

“There’s definitely some psychology involved,” he said. “It’s about changing thought processes.”

The message Delaney offers to workshop participants is how to love their business and how to get excited about it. He also teaches people ways to share that excitement and engage their prospective clients.

“This ultimately leads to gaining more sales,” he said.

In his role as trainer and mentor, Delaney teaches people how to change their attitude in ways that make a difference in the production of the business’ marketing team, and that directly affects the amount of profit.

“(In this presentation) you will learn how to simplify your marketing,” he said, “into an easy to follow, step-by-step roadmap that will explode your sales and build the business you dreamed about when you started.”

Delaney is the cofounder and lead trainer of YourMarketingUniversity.com, a marketing education company designed specifically to teach how to take control of marketing both online and offline.

The workshop is scheduled during the chamber’s monthly luncheon. This one is being called a “power lunch,” referring to the power each participant will have after learning some new techniques.

The workshop will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 12, at the Sandy Fire Department annex, 17459 Bruns Ave.

The catered lunch is $12, while anyone who does not want food will be charged $6.

For more information and to make reservations for the limited seating meeting, call 503-668-4006.

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