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Heres how to get low-cost credit processing

Representative lives in Sandy, offers customer service to all size businesses

CLARKEGraham Clarke of Sandy says it is unusual to have a representative in one’s hometown of one of the largest credit processing companies in the world.

Clarke is an independent representative who provides customer service for Central Payment, which processes 40 percent of all credit purchases in the United States.

Central Payment is part of the overarching, international company called Total System Services (TSYS), which offers payment solutions in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Clarke assists people who have business licenses and accept payment by credit card. His assistance takes the form of low-cost credit card payment services for small businesses, with direct processing (only one add-on charge).

“Our processing determines the validity of each card presented,” he said, “verifies that the account has (at least) the amount of the purchase and transacts the business. We’re the link between the merchant and the credit card company.”

Clarke says it would be “cost prohibitive” for any merchant to deal directly with the credit card companies; therefore the need for a “middle-man” who can deal with the card companies in sufficient volume to gain low fees.

Clarke says it is important to work with a direct processor to avoid having more than one processing fee added to each purchase.

Clarke says he uses high-quality equipment and employs security measures. He offers several types of services such as Point-of-Sale Equipment, portable card readers and “loyalty marketing,” which is similar to a rewards card that can be used at any local business using the card Clarke offers.

He says the card can be customized differently for each business, depending on the type of reward the owner wants to offer.

“This type of marketing can be used for any type of promotion that a business owner wants to use,” Clarke said. “It can be used through social media (mainly Facebook) to set up sales or discounts that may not be available to the general public.”

Central Payment — more generically described as financial services — also does check verifications, gift cards and emergency loans.

The company is using up-to-date equipment, including card readers that will read the newest cards with a secure internal chip (now being used in Europe).

For more information, call Clarke at 503-926-7115 or visit cpay.terabitweb.com.

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