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Rescued from swift Sandy River, dog reunited with owner

County deputies help dog stranded at Dodge Park

Clackamas County sheriff’s deputies rescued a dog stranded along the Sandy River at Dodge Park Monday, May 12. The dog was safely reunited with its owner.

Just before 9 a.m. Monday, Mark Barham and his 2-year-old Brittany spaniel mix, Mazy, were boating near the rapids on the river at Dodge Park when Mazy jumped from the boat.

The dog made it through the rapids to the base of a cliff underneath the Pipeline Bridge.by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - After jumping from her owners boat, 2-year-old Mazy became stranded at the base of a cliff along the Sandy.

After trying to rescue Mazy several times, Barham found that the swift current was making his solo attempts impossible and called the Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s Marine Unit and personnel from the Portland Water Bureau responded to the scene.

Mazy continued to huddle on an overhanging rock at the base of the cliff.

Hoping to rappel down to the dog, one deputy climbed a ladder to Pipeline Bridge and crossed the river. As soon as he dropped the rappel line, the dog jumped back into the current.

However, deputies had prepared for that scenario, and another deputy was waiting in a boat downstream to catch the dog. His attempt was successful.by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - A second deputy was waiting downstream for Mazy when she jumped back into the river.

Mazy was then brought ashore for an excited reunion with Barham.

Clackamas County reminds the public that rivers are running fast this time of year.

Remember to wear lifejackets when on the river and consider putting lifejackets on pets it they are going along.